The Best Tips for Donating Face Masks

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


The Best Tips for Donating Face Masks

The vast scale of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious problems around the globe. The healthcare industry simply couldn’t have prepared for the rapid increase in demand for N95 respirators, surgical masks, and other essential face coverings. 

Currently, a shortage of protective equipment is putting unprecedented demand on factories around the globe. During this shortage, experts like the CDC and WHO are asking today’s consumers to avoid purchasing medical-grade face masks where possible. The best face masks for protection against the coronavirus, such as N95 respirators, must be reserved for those on the front line. 

Despite this, people in the general public need to wear some form of face covering. Even wearing a cloth mask is enough to reduce the spread of the disease. 

Unfortunately, many people are struggling to find where to buy face masks in an age of global panic. 

Making and Donating Face Masks

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To help address the rapid scale in demand, many retailers who would never have created masks before are beginning to design their own face coverings. 

It’s becoming increasingly easy to find face masks to wear during COVID-19 online. What’s more, thanks to YouTube videos and online guides, people with a little sewing skill can make their own masks. 

With guidance on the best materials to use for home-made face masks, more people can begin sewing coverings at home. These masks are incredibly valuable to organizations in desperate need of masks for the impoverished and other at-risk individuals. 

Countless medical centers and university hospitals are now opening their doors to face-mask donations. Charity groups all around the world are also beginning to accept face-masks donation, with some specific requests on how the face mask should be structured. 

If you’re looking for opportunities to donate face masks to the groups that need them most, make sure that you read any requirements and instructions provided by the group you’re supporting. In some cases, your non-profit or charity group may be able to make better use of the money you would use to buy face mask fabrics, than the masks themselves. 

Where to Find Donation Opportunities

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For the United States, one of the best places to find donation opportunities is with the Deaconess website

Here, businesses, groups, and non-profits can fill out request forms for face masks to suit both adults and children. The directory had more than 1,000 requests at the time of writing for face masks to support teams all over the US. 

Although some groups asking for face-mask donations need support with high-level surgical grade equipment, many are looking for basic home-sewn masks. These cloth face masks are essential for people who cannot afford to source their own face masks or make coverings for their children. 

Another option for those who want to give back to their community is to look on social media. Facebook groups for non-profit organizations will often post requests for desperately needed items online. 

These groups have been asking more urgently for face-mask donations in recent months to support environments like homelessness shelters, rehabilitation groups, food banks, and group homes. 

If you don’t have the sewing skills to create cloth face masks, you can also find countless companies that are donating a portion of the proceeds from the masks they sell to charities too.

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