What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


What Kind of lawyer do I need? That’s the first question people often ask when they find out they need a lawyer.

Out of the over one million active, licensed lawyers, who would you pick and why? Read on to find out.

What Working With A Lawyer Entails

Lawyers offer a host of different legal services, including drafting contracts, mediating disputes and negotiations, reviewing legal documents, and representing clients in a court of law. The right kind of lawyer can save you money, ensure that you operate within the law, and keep you out of legal hot water.

So, which of the one million lawyers do you need?

What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need?

Settling on the right kind of lawyer can be a daunting task. It can be made easier, though, if you understand the different fields of law and the kind of lawyers working in each field.

Let’s look at three of them.

Civil Law

Civil law entails legal practice areas that deal with private matters, most of which are non-criminal.  They range from transactions such as contracts and business deals to litigation concerning purchases in real estate. 

Lawyers working in the civil law area include:

  • Workers compensation lawyers – These help workers file for claims when they are injured on the job.
  • Civil litigation lawyers – They are your best bet when you are facing a lawsuit against you or want to sue someone.
  • Patent lawyers – Do you have an invention or idea? You need to file for a patent to reap all the benefits accruing from it. A patent lawyer will help with the patent application process, make sure that you’re properly protected, and defend you in court when someone tries to steal your idea.

Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with legal issues surrounding illegal conduct that are prohibited and punishable by law. These acts are categorized according to severity – misdemeanors, infractions, and felonies. Traffic violations, for example, are regarded as infractions and may be handled without a lawyer’s help.

Criminal defense lawyers work to prove that you aren’t guilty by reviewing police reports, documentation, and supporting evidence. In case you have a DUI case, domestic violence, theft, or have been accused of sexual abuse, consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Family Law

Family law deals with legal issues surrounding family matters such as divorce, marriage, child custody, adoption, and child support.

Types of lawyers practicing family law include:

  • Prenup lawyers – Prenup lawyers help couples draft agreements before getting into a marriage, detailing terms of engagement during the marriage, and when the marriage is dissolved.
  • Divorce lawyers – Divorce lawyers represent their clients during divorce or separation proceedings, making sure that the terms of separation are amicable and legal while advising their clients on what they are entitled to.
  • Child custody lawyers – These specialize in deciding which parent will stay with the children after a divorce or separation.

Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

You may have been asking, “What kind of lawyer do I need?” but with these suggestions, you’re one step closer to making the right choice.

Ask them a few questions, such as areas of expertise and similar cases handled, to be sure that you’ve found the right one for your needs.

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