5 Great Tips on How to Ask a Lawyer About Your Case

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Michael Hearing


Figuring out how to ask a lawyer about your case may be a problem you’re currently facing.

How do you ask the right questions? Is it okay to seek clarification more than once? And if they haven’t called you, should you call and how often?

Working with a lawyer, especially the first time, can be intimidating. Fortunately, your friends and family have referred a few to you, and you’ve interviewed them, established their reputation, and built a client-lawyer relationship.

Now, here’s how to ask about your case:

How to Ask a Lawyer About Your Case

The following are crucial things you need to keep in mind when you need to ask a lawyer the right questions, at the right time, and in the best way possible:

Do Everything Your Lawyer Asks You To Do

Once you’ve handed over the legal matter to a lawyer, let them do their job by listening and acting on their advice. Do everything you’re asked to, whether it’s getting a medical exam, honestly verifying pieces of information, or obtaining information from certain quarters.

As soon as your lawyer instructs you to do something, do it, as it will determine how quickly the case can be concluded.

Always Be Honest

Don’t be afraid to tell your lawyer everything, even if it incriminates you. You’re protected by the attorney-client privilege. 

Tell the lawyer everything, even details you might think are useless, to help them get the full picture and prepare the best legal strategy possible. Don’t give your lawyer any misleading or false information.

Maintain Discretion When Your Case Is Ongoing

Social media culture could influence you to share everything about your life, including an ongoing legal matter. Don’t do this as anything posted could be used against you and jeopardize your case. 

Discuss case matters only with your lawyer, and let them know immediately you slip out the details to a third party.

Update Your Lawyer As Soon As You Get New Information

Informing your lawyer doesn’t stop at the first meeting when they’re getting to understand your legal issue. In cases like child custody, for example, anything can tip the scales even on the last day. 

For example, if the child’s current custodian wasn’t using drugs when the proceedings began and they relapsed on the eve of the ruling, let your lawyer know immediately.

Don’t Call Daily

Legal issues take time because they are handled procedurally. Don’t, therefore, call your lawyer too often. If you’ve had a review meeting and the next expected step is to occur in a month, just wait.

Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Knowing how to conduct yourself will place you in a better position to review your case with your lawyer. A few questions you should ask a lawyer include:

To Whom May I Speak About My Case?

Third parties aren’t supposed to know details about your case. Some, however, are allowed, and your lawyer is best placed to tell you who. 

What Decisions Need My Approval?

As the case progresses, your lawyer will make certain decisions for you. Other decisions, however, will need your input, especially during litigation hearings. 

How Long Will The Case Take?

Knowing the duration of the proceedings ensures that you’ll contact your lawyer only when necessary.

Ask All The Questions You Want

If you are having trouble finding a lawyer, use AVVO as a resource.

Once hired, your lawyer is at your disposal, so you shouldn’t be shy to ask a lawyer as many questions as possible.

 Just make sure that they’re relevant and that you listen to your lawyer carefully.

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