Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of hand sanitizer dispenser accessories, designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of your sanitization station. Whether you want to upgrade your dispenser, increase its capacity, or maintain it, we have the necessary accessories.

Metal Stand for Dispenser Series PPE0310-PPE0320-PPE0330: Elevate your sanitization setup with our sturdy metal stand, compatible with PPE0310, PPE0320, and PPE0330 dispensers. Crafted from firm metallic material, this stand provides stability, even holding up to 15 pounds. You can adjust its height from 46 to 65.5 inches, and the base width measures 8 inches for added stability.

Wall Charger for Dispenser Series PPE0310-PPE0320-PPE0330: Ensure uninterrupted operation with our wall charger designed for PPE0310, PPE0320, and PPE0330 dispensers. It’s a reliable backup option, especially when you want to conserve batteries or have run out of them. Keep your dispenser running smoothly with this charger.

Mount Touchless Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser – Complete Assembly: Our wall-mounted touchless dispenser assembly is perfect for various establishments, including hotels, offices, and shopping malls. A unit size of 4.8×4.4×10.3 inches includes the dispenser body, dispensing Head, and a 1000ml refillable bottle for your convenience.
Choose between 8 AA batteries (not included) or an AC wall charger (not included) for fully automatic, touchless dispensing, reducing the risk of germ transmission.

Pump Head Only: Need to replace or upgrade your dispenser’s pump head? Our sanitizing pump head is compatible with PPE0310, PPE0320, and PPE0330 dispensers. It’s easy to install and made from quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Bottle Only – 1000 ml: Keep your sanitizer station well-stocked with our 1000 ml refillable bottle. It’s a great quality bottle suitable for frequent use, ensuring that you have an ample supply on hand. This bottle simplifies maintenance and reduces runout and is compatible with PPE0310, PPE0320, and PPE0330 dispensers.

Customize your hand sanitizer dispenser with these accessories to create a tailored sanitization solution that suits your needs. Upgrade, expand, and maintain your setup effortlessly to help keep your environment safe and germ-free.


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