Baseball Hat 101: Styles to Suit Your Needs [Buyers Guide]

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


Baseball hats are the comfort food of fashion. It’s always there when you need it. Got a bad hair day? No problem, a baseball hat can fix it. Feeling like your outfit is missing something? That baseball hat can be the perfect outfit topper. These hats are no longer limited to sports teams and casual wear. There are so many types of baseball hats that will suit anyone’s style and needs.

Types of baseball hats


Men have a variety of baseball hat designs and styles from which to choose. There are snapbacks, fitted, five-panel, trucker, dad hats, and sports caps. Men’s hats can be sportier or stylish with a flat brim. Baseball hats are suitable for all fashion styles, from hip-hop to hipster.


Women have all the same types of hats that are available for men. Fashion-conscious women may opt for a faux leather or suede look for their baseball hat for a dressed-up look. Women’s hats can also come in floral patterns and many colors.


Many baseball hat designs will appeal to girls. These designs include Frozen designs, unicorn designs, and cat ears on the hat. Girls can also wear a simple sports hat or one in their favorite color.


Boys also have an unlimited number of baseball hats design from which they can choose. The designs can include Paw Patrol characters, superheroes, and video game figures like Mario.


Many businesses can customize hats for you. For example, VistaPrint allows you to import your designs, and they will print them onto the hat. Hat retailer Lids also offers embroidered custom caps.


Fitted baseball hats are known for its clean, round finish as it doesn’t have the adjustable plastic enclosure in the back. It’s a one-size-fits-all, so you’ll have to buy a size that fits your head.

Minor league

With 160 teams, the minor league has many baseball hat options. You can choose a cap from your favorite team or based on a design you like. Minor league baseball hats are a good option for sports lovers who want something different.


Baseball hats for infants should have a lightweight, breathable, or quick-drying material. The wider the brim of the hat, the better.


Similar to baseball hats for babies, toddlers also need hats that are breathable and UV resistant. You can’t go wrong with a baseball hat with a sports team or cute designs.

A red baseball hat has a Mario logo on the front of the hat.


Cool baseball hats can be ones with unique designs. Some hats can have quirky accessories like spikes, a snakeskin texture, or funky designs. Cool baseball hats can help show off your personality.


In addition to the usual MLB team baseball hat, you can buy a playoffs’ hat, World Series champions hats, or unique commemorative hats. You can buy these hats directly from the MLB shop. These hats are some of the most sought out hats because they are actual baseball team hats. Some of these hats are made in limited quantity too. This means, when or if your team wins, you might want to pick up one of their commemorative hats.

Baseball team

Some sports teams offer alternate designs that are generally more stylish than the official team baseball hat. The hats can be all one color like black or have special unique designs that are not the official team logo. They can even be your recreational team hat. These hats are cool because they are unique in their design and have a more personal meaning to you.


Wool baseball hats provide an upscale look. They’re perfect for fall as the weather gets colder. These Wool hats are generally warmer, and some even have ear flaps.


Local thrift stores generally carry vintage baseball hats. There also vintage-inspired hats made in the present day but have a vintage look.

Baseball cap face mask

You can buy baseball hats with a mask attached. The baseball hat has hidden magnets that hold the mask onto the brim of the hat. When you need the mask, all you have to do is pull it down.

Baseball hard hats

Bump caps are baseball hats with a built-in hard hat. There are also hard hats shaped like a baseball hat, with a broader brim.

Youth hats

It’s essential to find a baseball hat for youths that is UV protected with breathable materials. Youth hats generally have more kid-friendly designs like video game characters, Cat in the Hat, or animals.


Baseball hats can come with designs of your favorite cartoon characters. You can find a hat that fits your personality and shows off your interests. For example, if you’re a fan of Pokemon, you can shop for a hat with its characters.


Baseball hats can come in pastel colors or with cute designs of animals. They can also be over-the-top with cat ears or pom-poms built on top of the hat.


There are novelty baseball hats with funny slogans, quotes, or jokes on the front. You can pick one that matches your sense of humor.


If you love dogs, you can get baseball hats with dogs on them. But if you want to match with your dogs, there are hats made for dogs, with a cutout for their ears.


DIY aficionados can buy baseball hat templates to create unique hat designs. DIY hats are great for babies or young toddlers because you can control the fabric and look.

Baseball style bucket hat

Baseball bucket hats have a wide brim that wraps around the hat and straps. These hats are best for summer days as it offers sun protection and made of breathable materials.

A Golden State Warriors baseball hat is on display.

Baseball hat by country

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has twice been runner-up at the World Baseball Classic. You can buy a hat with the Puerto Rico flag or the official team hats worn by the Puerto Rican baseball team.


Baseball is the most-watched and played sport in Japan, and the country has its own professional league. You can buy baseball hats of the teams from the Nippon Japanese Professional League.


The Mexico national team’s first Olympic baseball appearance would be at the Tokyo Summer Games. You can wear the official Mexican team baseball hat or buy a hat from one of the Mexican league professional teams.

American flag

Show off your American pride by wearing a baseball hat with the national flag on it. You can have a hat with the flag on the front or have the whole hat covered in the flag.


You can support the national baseball team by shopping for a hat with the official US team logo. It can come in different colors, such as black and white, or in red, white, and blue.

Baseball hat colors


For those who don’t like anything colorful, black hats are the best options. Black goes with any outfit and can be a go-to hat for almost all occasions.


Be prepared to clean white hats a lot. It may not be best for kids or those who spend a lot of time outdoors.


Red hats can make a statement. It’s perfect if you love bright and bold colors.

A woman is wearing a pink baseball hat with the words
Pink baseball hats can come in various shades of pink, from a bolder hot pink to muted lighter shades. Unsplash, Amber Kipp


Pink hats are usually perfect for those who want a softer color for their hats. Colors can range from hot pink to muted blush.


Camo hats are useful if you partake in outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing. But feel free to wear it with everyday outfits.


Orange is a bright and bold color for a hat that grabs people’s attention. Wear an orange cap to add a pop of color to your outfit.


Blue is one of the most popular colors for hats. It’s a neutral color that anyone can wear, and blue hats typically go with any outfit.


Many hats come in the color purple. There are various shades that you can pick from, from indigo to lavender.

Designer baseball hats


One of the most popular sports brands out there, Nike offers many hat options. Nike carries athletes’ brands such as a Tiger Woods or an Air Jordan hat and team hats from many sports leagues.


For the ultimate luxury, you can buy a Gucci hat. Gucci hats come in various styles, from a simple all-black sleek look with an embossed Gucci logo to one covered in Gucci print.


Carhartt baseball hats are geared towards work. Each hat has a force sweatband with FastDry technology that wicks away sweat and fights odors. These hats are made from 100% cotton. Carhartt also has hats made of waterproof PVC fabric.


Patagonia is perfect for those looking to shop for sustainable hats. Their brims are made with fully traceable NetPlus 100% recycled fishing nets and organic cotton. All of their hats are Fair Trade Certified sewn.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is another luxury brand that sells hats. Each can cost up to $1,000. Their hats feature the trademark and iconic Louis Vuitton monogram.

New Era

New Era is the most well-known hat retailer. If you’re a die-hard sports fan, you can get any sports team hats from them, from baseball to hockey to football.


Those who own their own business can buy these hats wholesale. They can purchase caps in a variety of colors or designs or request a custom design.

Adidas baseball hat

Adidas is another popular sports brand. These hats come in different colors with a simple Adidas logo on the front. They also carry hats with sports teams on them from other leagues.

Baseball hat rack and accessories


Commemorative baseball hats should always be kept in a covered case to prevent dust from accumulating. Everyday hats can be stored or stacked in a bin.

Types of hat racks

There are many types of baseball hat racks that you can either buy or make. These include:

  • Hat rack stand tower
  • Door hanging racks
  • Peg rack
  • Closet rods with hangers
  • DIY racks with attached hooks

How to wash a baseball hat

Washing a hat

These hats must always be hand-washed and not put in the washer, dryer, or dishwasher. These machines may distort the hat’s shape. If a hat is only slightly dirty, a quick soak in the sink will do. But dirtier baseball hats will need more work.

Hat washing guide

Don’t use any products with bleach. Wool hats are delicate and require a special detergent. Vintage hats with a cardboard brim should be spot-cleaned. You should also do a color test by applying a small amount of cleaner on the bill’s underside. If the color rubs off, clean it with water.

How to clean a hat

Follow this step-by-step instruction on how to clean a hat:

First step:

  • Fill a sink or tub with warm water
  • Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent or dish soap

Second step:

  • Use a small brush to spot clean problem areas on the hat

Third step

  • Soak the hat in the tub or sink and leave it for a couple of hours
  • Occasionally check to see if more spots need cleaning

Fourth step:

  • Rinse the hat off with warm water and gently pat dry

Fifth step:

  • Leave the hat out to air dry. You can set it on top of a bowl or container to retain the hat’s shape.

Baseball hat cleaner

For hat cleaners, you can use simple detergents such as OxiClean, or dish soap and shampoo. Wool hats will require a special detergent.

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