The Number 1 Beanie Hat Buyers Guide to Help You Choose a Beanie

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Is the weather cooling down where you live or are you a hat person? Whatever your reason may be for wanting a beanie, there are many options to choose from. It’s to the point where it might be overwhelming to buy a beanie hat!

Well, have no fear, finding a beanie hat perfect for your outfits, lifestyle, and head begins now! Follow our beanie buyer guide to narrow the options for the hat of your dreams. And don’t worry, if you buy more than one beanie you can call yourself a collector!

Types of Beanies

Yes, there are many types of beanies. By our count, there are twenty-one.

Fisherman Beanie Hats

Named after yep, you guessed it, fishermen who brave the cold while out at sea. While they wear these beanies for warmth, they also roll up the ends over their ears, so they hear each other. Thus, the fisherman beanie hat was birthed. It is great for those who don’t love the slouchy look since it fits the head snugly.

Solid Color Beanies: Black, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow Beanies

A simple, monochromatic beanie is an excellent choice if you want your cold-weather accessories to go well with your outfit. It’s always smart to have a neutral colored beanie hat like black or brown, plus some statement colors like red or pink.

Cool or Custom Beanies

If you’re looking to push the boundaries with your outerwear, then you have to get your hands on a unique beanie hat. You might like a beanie hat with a phrase across the front or a bold pattern. A super cool beanie could also be custom-made from an online seller or you could make one yourself! Have fun with it!

Slouchy Beanies

This type of beanie hat is ideal for a relaxed, everyday look. The extra fabric on a slouchy beanie hangs perfectly over your head. If you have a lot of hair or are going for a lumberjack and flannel vibe, pick up a slouchy beanie.

Pom-Pom Beanies

These beanies are so cute everyone will want to bop your pom-pom! The pom-pom beanie looks like a regular beanie hat, but it has a faux fur or fluffy knit pom on the top! Apparently, sailors popularized this beanie style because when waters were rough, the pom prevented them from bashing their heads. We won’t have to worry about that though. We just like the style.

Woman wears a pom pom beanie while on a snowy street.

Ponytail Beanies

As the name suggests, this type of beanie hat allows you to wear both a ponytail and beanie at the same time. It’s designed with an opening at the top of the beanie for you to pull your hair through. This way your hair is out of your face, but your head is warm. This is great if you’re someone who wears their hair up but doesn’t want to bother with earmuffs. Plus, a beanie will keep you cozier.

Bluetooth Beanies

A Bluetooth beanie allows wearers to listen to music through wireless stereo headphones built into the hat. This high-tech beanie will make the cold weather more manageable because you’ll be singing while trudging through the snow. Throw some Christmas music on and pretend you’re in a music video with a Bluetooth beanie.

Crotchet and Knit Beanies

The crotchet and knit are types of fabric that are used to make beanies. Knit is usually thinner, while crotchet fabric is thicker with a distinct style. You can find multiple styles of beanies made out of knit or crotchet fabric, but no matter what, it will keep your noggin toasty.

Visor Beanies, Beanie Caps, and Beanies with Brims

If you want a hat that will keep you warm while blocking the sun, get your hands on a visor beanie. Retailers also sell beanie caps and beanies with a brim that keep the sunshine out of your eyes. Plus, you won’t have to remember to bring your sunglasses everywhere you go. Efficiency is key!

Ski Mask

If you’re in a freezing climate or are literally skiing, a ski mask is a necessity. Instead of a beanie that only covers your head, a ski mask goes over your entire face. The only openings are for your eyes and mouth. Now that’s a next level beanie.

Jughead Beanie

If you’re a fan of the show Riverdale, then you’re familiar with the character Jughead. The thing with Jughead is, he always wears a beanie. And this beanie isn’t like any other beanie, it’s weird, he’s weird. Just kidding, it’s actually a beanie that’s supposed to resemble a crown. Triangle cutouts along the cuff give the crown look in a comfortable beanie form.

How To Wear a Beanie

For Men & Women

Men and women can wear any type of beanie hat. They can also wear them in a myriad of ways. For a more casual look, you can slouch the beanie and pair it with an oversized hoodie. For a more put-together ensemble, you can wear a cable knit beanie hat with a long coat and dressier shoes.

If you want to show off your bangs, you can push the beanie farther back so it cups the base of your head. With this style, you can wear a pair of statement earrings as the beanie won’t cover them. If you’re a dude, pop on a neutral color fisherman beanie and leave your ears out because the small beanie look is in.

Also, don’t be afraid to wear a beanie hat with a scarf too. It’s extra warmth and gives you the opportunity to mix & match your outerwear. If you want to settle for one cold-weather accessory, go for a ski mask. Just make sure it’s a fun pattern so no one thinks you’re going to rob the place.

Kid is bundled up and wearing a beanie while walking down the street.

For Girls & Boys

We recommend styling your children in beanies that are long enough to cover their ears. Also, if the beanie is big enough, cuffing keeps it on their heads better. Pom-pom beanies are a hit with younger kids, especially the double pom-pom beanies because it makes them look like little bears!

Your child can wear a beanie with any fall or winter look, especially if they’re sporting sneakers and a hoodie. A patterned beanie hat is great if they’re wearing an all neutral outfit because it’ll bring vibrancy to the outfit. And who’s more vibrant than kids?

Designer Beanie Hat Brands


This iconic beanie comes in 23 colors from Hunter Green to Winter White.

CC Beanie-

They have pom-pom beanies, the classic knit beanie, and even double pom-pom beanies in 25 colors.


Supreme beanies come in classic black, a checkboard print, a monogrammed print, and more.

Polo Ralph Lauren-

Polo beanies come in a small handful of colors like black and dark green, but they feature the Bear logo on the front. It’s the perfect touch!


Nike has sportswear beanies in the colors black, white, and red.


Printed with their Trefoil logo on the front of the cuff, Adidas beanies come in classic colors like taupe, black, and white. Plus, they have a few brighter shades like neon green, fluorescent pink, and orange.


Champion has a few different beanie styles in the colors blue, white, red, black, and heather gray. They also include the logo on the front or side of the beanie.


A true designer brand, Gucci offers sophisticated beanies such as a Mohair Wool hat with their logo. These styles come in beige & brown and orange & red. They also have classic black cuffed beanies with the red and green Gucci stripes.

North Face-

North Face has cuffed, uncuffed, pom-pom, and patterned beanies that come in striped patterns, neutral colors, and unique shades like mustard yellow.

Louis Vuitton-

The men’s Louis Vuitton beanies come in black, gray, and blue. The women’s come in pink, white, and black. They also offer a monogrammed pattern in red & beige and pink & black for women. For men, they also have monogrammed and checkerboard patterns.


This brand has a wide variety of beanie types black, white, sky blue, taupe, gray, and red.


The majority of Playboy beanies come in baby blue, black, white, tan, and heather gray.


If you’re interested in collecting beanies in all the colors of the rainbow, Neff has you covered. They have over 20 shades from primrose yellow to navy blue.


This brand’s beanies are made out of recycled materials that come in dark green, white, patterned green, black, and black with blue.

Where to Purchase Beanie Hats

The previously mentioned brands can be purchased on their individual websites or at department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. Big retailers like Target, Walmart, and TJ Maxx also supply beanies. The website Etsy offers custom beanies options, which make the best gifts! We even offer a selection of beanies. Check them out here!

Do you wear a beanie? What’s your favorite style? Do you wear it year-round? Do you wear it for style or protection? Where did you get it?

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