Best Golf Hats For 2021 Golf Season

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


Golf season is upon us, and it’s time to pick out the best golf hats in 2021. Nice weather means spending hours playing golf with your friends. It’s essential that your hat offers protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Select a golf hat that blocks the sun well so you have a clear view of the ball’s path on the course. Another detail you should consider is the hat’s quality, breathability, and durability.

It’s a bonus if the hat is not only functional but also stylish. Many professional golf players are known for their hats, and for the most part, it’s become a part of their signature looks. For example, Ben Hogan was known for wearing the classic ivy cap. Here are the best golf hats to wear this 2021 season.

Bucket hats

Summer bucket hats are one of the best golf hats to wear as it covers the entirety of your head. The wide, circular brim offers superb protection from the sun. It can protect your face, ears, and neck from the sun, helping to keep you cooler and drier. However, the brim isn’t too wide that it obstructs your vision. Bucket hats are usually made with heavy-duty fabrics, such as canvas, and have two metal eyelets that provide ventilation.

A man swings a golf club while wearing a bucket hat which is one of the best hats for golfon a golf course.

To pick the perfect golf bucket hat, you should find one that’s breathable with an absorbent liner. There are other styles out there with a drawstring, which can help keep the hat on your head while swinging hard on the course. Many of these hats come in solid colors, meaning you can seamlessly incorporate them into your golf outfits.

Flat brim hats

flat brim hat is essentially a baseball hat with a flat brim instead of curved. It offers the same protection as traditional baseball caps. However, it’s generally seen as more stylish and adds a nice twist to regular baseball caps. PGA Tour winner Gary Woodland has worn a flat brim golf hat for many of his tournaments. Flat brim hats, much like all baseball caps, usually have an internal sweatband that reduces perspiration and absorbs moisture. Even though it is called a baseball hat by many, this type of hat can be one of the best golf hats.

Sun visor hats

Visors hats are one of the best golf hats for both men and women. These hats have a brim and a strap that wraps around your head. Sun visor caps are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and face. Visors can also come in various colors and there are plenty of cheap visors out there if you’re on a budget.

However, one main downside of the golf visor is the open-top, as it exposes your head to the sun. This is particularly problematic for some men who have thinning hair as visors won’t protect their scalp. On the other hand, the open-top provides maximum ventilation and air circulation. Visors are also one of the best golf hats among women as they can put their hair in a ponytail without a cap getting in the way.

Cotton cap with clasp

Cotton caps are one of the best golf hats while being extremely versatile at the same time. They have an adjustable clasp in the back to customize to fit snugly on your head. These hats will also block the sun from your eyes and will protect your scalp. Cotton hats are breathable, which is perfect for wearing while playing sports.

A woman wearing a baseball cap prepares to putt a golf ball.

Professional golfers such as Tiger Woods have popularized this hat style for golfing. If you prefer low-profile hats, opt for neutral colors such as black, white, or navy. These options will also go well with any attire you wear. Cotton caps are more informal and better suited for playing a casual round with friends than playing at an elite country club. If you’re only playing for fun every few months, a simple cotton cap may be one of the best golf hats you can own.

Ivy caps

Legendary golfer Ben Hogan was a fantastic player. He also had an elegant style on the course, with his ivy cap. Over the years, golf caps became more practical and sporty. However, golfer Bryson DeChambeau has slowly popularized this old-school golf hat by adding a modern twist. Ivy caps can be one of the best golf hats for stylish players.

Ivy hats, also called Irish hats or ascot caps, have been around for hundreds of years, originating in the 14th century in Northern England. The caps remained one of the best golf hats through the 19th and 20th centuries, and even today, they’re known as classic caps worn to dress up an outfit.

Fedora hats

Men’s fedora hats may seem like an odd choice to wear on the golf course. It’s generally known as a dress hat or classy hat worn with suits or more formal wear. However, depending on your fedora’s style and fabric, it can look right at home on the golf course. The key to making fedora hats work is to keep it simple by opting for straw or felt hats in neutral colors. Golfing great Sam Snead was known to wear straw fedora hats during tournaments.

Children’s cowboy hats

Taking the whole family to the golf course is one of the best activities to do this summer. You’ll be spending most of the day outdoors, which means the kids will also need to find the best golf hats for them. It’s always a good idea to opt for a fun hat for children, and one option is a cowboy hat. The kid’s hat should be lightweight and able to shield their eyes from the sun. A straw cowboy hat is probably the best golf hat for kids as it has all of these features.


Bandanas may not seem like headgear for golf, but they can be a versatile option. It doesn’t have a brim and is usually made up of a thinner material. Therefore, it seems like a poor choice to wear on the course. A good deal of people may wonder how to wear a bandana for golf, but there are many ways you can wear it. You can fold it up on cloudier days and turn it into a headband and wear the bandana on your head. It can act as a sweatband and also prevent hair from falling on your face.

You can also wrap the whole thing over your head to cover it entirely. The best thing about bananas is the variety of styles out there. You can wear the classic paisley bandanas in your favorite color. Or if you want to represent America, you can wear a patriotic bandana, USA bandana, or Memorial Day bandana.

A Titleist golf ball sits on the edge of a golf hole.

Best golf hats brand name

Finally, we can’t talk about the best golf hats without mentioning some of the most well-known golfing brand name hats out there.

Titleist is a golf brand known for manufacturing quality golf balls and equipment. However, it also creates golf accessories such as hats. The company’s caps are lightweight with a stretch cap closure, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking sweatband and UV treated to have over 50+ UPF sun protection.

Callaway is another famous brand that creates several golf clubs, balls, and gear. Its caps and visors are lightweight and made with a semi-structured design. The hats also have moisture-wicking fabric, a cooling sweatband, and a Velcro closure. Its bucket hats have a modern aesthetic with 50+ UV protection and cooling sweatbands.

The brand Oakley is best known for its sunglasses, but it also manufactures sports apparel and accessories. The company’s golf dad hat has laser-cut eyelets for ventilation and a Velcro tab. It also has a flat brim snapback cap with a broad visor, adjustable strap, and stylish design.

Spending the day at the golf course with family or friends is a great bonding experience. However, it’s also essential to stay safe and protect yourself from the sun’s harsh effects. Some of the best golf hats are stylish, offer sun protection and allow you to show off your style.

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