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A baseball cap may seem like a pretty easy item to find in a store. But baseball caps have quickly evolved into much more than something you wear to a ball game. In any department store, you’ll find quite a few styles, colors, and shapes of baseball caps to choose from. In this buyer’s guide, you will get a complete overview of the different types of baseball caps. Use this guide to help narrow down your perfect fit.

Types of Baseball Caps

Between women’s, men’s, and children’s caps, there are many sub-categories of caps to consider. Here are a few:

Women’s baseball cap

A woman facing away from the cameria wearing a blue baseball cap

Women’s caps have become extremely popular in fashion. Often, celebrities wear these caps to complement chic outfits, such as a trendy tee with jeans. Women’s caps come in a range of styles and colors, with embroidered patterns, sayings, or icons across the front.

Baseball caps for men

Men’s caps have also become a great fashion accessory for men’s outfits. Besides the classic athletic team caps, Men’s caps also have cool slogans, patterns, and come in a range of colors. However, men’s caps may come in darker colors while women’s are in lighter and brighter hues.

Custom baseball caps

A custom baseball hat can make a wonderful present for a friend, family member, or even yourself! You can design custom caps however you’d like, but some popular designs are initials, a company logo, a favorite animal or pet, and more!

Fitted baseball caps

Fitted caps usually have flatter brims than the classic baseball hat, and usually display sports team logos.

Trump baseball caps

Trump caps became popular towards the end of 2015 when Donald Trump was running for President of the United States. The common slogan on this cap reflects the former presidents’ motto “Make America Great Again.” Although these might be slowing down in popularity, you never know with him.

Leather baseball caps

Leather caps have become popular in recent years, and pair well with city-chic outfits. Leather caps are also great because they are gender-neutral and come in various colors such as brown, black, or white.

Vintage baseball caps

These trendy caps have been increasingly sought-after because of their timeless vibe. The caps are from previous decades such as the 80s or 90s. For example, a Cubs hat from the 90s or a Coca-cola cap from the 80s is vintage-style caps.

Baseball cap face shield

This brand-new invention came about in 2020 when the demand for face shields and caps were high due to COVID-19. These caps have a clear face shield connected to the hat’s brim and are an easy, innovative way to stay safe from the virus.

Infant baseball caps

Infant caps are a perfect way to keep a newborn’s head warm while adding some style to their onesie outfits. These caps are soft and comfortable because manufacturers use materials like light cotton.

Dog baseball caps

Add some flair to your pet’s style! Dog caps are a cute way to help your pet show some team spirit, or just an opportunity for a great photo.

Cute baseball caps

“Cute” caps is code for “trendy” caps. Some of the trendiest caps are ones with funny, cool captions, caps in neutral colors, or patterned caps.

Embroidered baseball caps

A man facing away from the camera wearing a baseball cap with palm tree embroidery

Embroidered caps are popular because of their versatility and minimalism. There are tons of these caps to choose from. Some examples of embroidered designs include embroidered captions, emojis, and sports team logos.

Toddler baseball caps

Toddler caps are great when putting together a child’s outfit. These caps are usually a softer material but come in many designs. Choose from any of your toddler’s interests, such as designer-print or cars, or find a unique design.

Wool baseball caps

Though wool caps are becoming less popular with the rise of polyester caps, it is still the classic baseball hat material. A wool baseball hat is durable and warm, and are a great choice for those searching for sturdy, reliable caps.

Baby baseball caps

Infant caps are an adorable way to style a baby’s outfit and you can find them in virtually any style. These tiny caps can display sports teams, slogans, cartoons, or even jokes.

Camo baseball caps

Camo caps seem to never go out of style. It is easy to pair camo with a wide variety of colors. A camo baseball hat can add a stylish twist to casual outfits.

Baseball cap motorcycle helmet

This hybrid combo of a cap and motorcycle helmet is an awesome choice for motorcycle-riders. This cap allows you to get that baseball look without sacrificing safety. These caps consist of tough plastic and come with an adjustable strap.

Winter baseball hats

Winter caps are a great choice for colder climates. Winter caps are usually thicker than usual caps and come in materials such as flannel, faux or real fur, and wool.

Designer baseball cap

If you’re looking for quality caps, there a few brands that tend to create some amazing caps. Here’s a list of some reliable brands that make caps in low, medium, and high price ranges.

Gucci baseball caps

Gucci caps are definitely more expensive due to their high-quality and brand identity. Gucci caps usually display the Gucci design consisting of their brown-beige print or the iconic red and green stripe.

Nike baseball caps

a red nike baseball cap with a white nike logo

Nike caps are very popular and usually relatively affordable. These caps often pair with casual, streetwear outfits, but are also worn when working out. Nike caps come in a variety of colors and display their signature swoosh logo.

Fashion baseball caps

These fancier caps are usually higher-end and consist of luxury fabrics, such as leather or suede. Fashion caps are also minimalistic, and may only have a small caption/design or none at all.

Burberry baseball caps

Burberry caps are also higher-end and worn with casual-chic, often preppy outfits. Most Burberry caps have the iconic beige, white, black and red striped design.

Chanel baseball caps

Chanel caps are recognizable because of their prominent, double-C logo. Chanel has many styles of caps, but most of their caps include their logo in some capacity.

Dior baseball caps

Dior caps are known to have a slightly louder print than other designer caps. Caps by Dior usually display their Dior logo in print-format and have bright color options.

Champion baseball caps

Similar to Nike, Champion caps are more affordable than high-end, designer caps. These hats are very versatile and display the Champion logo. Champion caps are very popular caps for streetwear.

Ralph Lauren baseball caps

Ralph Lauren has been making caps for years, and their classic design never goes out of style. These caps come in bright colors and display the polo-player logo. People usually pair these caps with preppy, casual outfits.

Prada baseball caps

Prada baseball caps also fall in the higher-end category on this list. These caps are minimalistic and brand-oriented. Prada caps are black with an occasional pop of color on the logo.

Carhartt baseball caps

Carhartt baseball caps are more wallet-friendly than designer caps. These hats are very durable and are great go-to caps. Carhartt caps come in modest, neutral colors and go well with most casual outfits.

Baseball cap colors

Stuck on which color of cap to purchase? There are pros and cons to a lot of color options. Browse through this list of colors to figure out which cap color is best for you.

Black baseball caps

A black baseball cap with a white New York sports team team logo

Arguably the most versatile color to wear, black caps can quite literally go with any outfit. A solid choice for a first cap.

White baseball caps

White caps also go amazing with nearly all outfits. The only downside is that white can easily get dirty, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

Red baseball caps

Red caps make a great statement piece if you want to add a pop of color to any outfit. Red is always a classic color and can add warmth to any outfit.

Blue baseball caps

Blue caps are a favorite by many sports-lovers, as a lot of sports teams have blue in their team colors. Blue baseball caps work well with both women’s and men’s outfits.


Pink baseball caps became especially popular when “millennial pink” came into fashion. Millennials often wear pink caps, but they are popular with all age groups, as well as both men and women.


Yellow baseball hats can brighten up any outfit, and look great with denim or a casual tee-shirt. You can also find a range of yellow shades, from beige to banana yellow, in case you’re looking for a more muted look.


Tie-dye is another look that doesn’t go out of style. It has been around for ages and is always timeless. Tie-dye caps add a nice bit of color to any outfit. Tie-dye caps also come with many color options, such as red tie-dye, green tie-dye, or rainbow.


A specific baseball hat that has grown in popularity is a cap with the Mexican baseball team’s logo. This cap sports a striking ‘M’ in white, and red, on top of a black or green hat.


Caps displaying the colors of the USA–red white and blue–have seen steady popularity for years. These caps come in a range of styles, but the most-worn caps usually display the flag on the front.

How to wash a baseball cap

So now that you’ve picked out a baseball hat that is right for you, you can learn how to take care of it!

If you are looking for a quick and innovative way to wash your cap, try a baseball hat washer. These cool inventions allow you to stick your cap into the top row of your dishwasher (yep, dishwasher). Just wash it like your dishes, and it will come out looking brand new.

Here’s how to use them:

Baseball cap washer guide

Baseball cap rack

Now, you have your cap and know how to wash it properly. Next, learn where to store it.

A rack is the best way to store your baseball hat. Here are some best cap racks:

1. Boxy Storage

2. Hat Headz Rack

3. Perfect Curve Rack

Tip: A super-inexpensive alternative to a baseball hat rack is to use shower curtain rings. Simply place shower curtain rings onto a clothing hanger, then hang caps on the rings.

Other styles of hats

If baseball caps still just aren’t your thing, here are a few alternative hat styles:

Beanie hats are great, especially when it gets cold. Check out this beanie hat guide for more info.

Are you interested in the growing popularity of the iconic dad hat? Check out this guide here.

Basically the same as the baseball cap, this baseball hat guide can pinpoint your decision even more.

Buy hats

So you pretty much know everything there is to know about picking out a baseball hat, and you’re ready to buy one. Here are some places to check first:

Wholesale hats

Wholesalers, such as, are usually a good, inexpensive option.

Amazon hats, a huge online retailer, is a popular option, as there are plenty of hat options from various online shops to choose from.

Target hats

Target has a lot of trendy, good quality hats to choose from, including caps with sports teams logos, embroidery, and faux leather.

With the emergence of lots of different trends these past few years, there are quite a few baseball hat options to choose from. Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down which type of baseball hat you want to buy to make an informed decision.

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