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It goes without saying that this year’s Valentine’s Day will stand out from the rest. With limited Valentine’s Day date night ideas due to the pandemic, you and your Valentine might be unsure how to celebrate. However, even in quarantine, there are plenty of ways to plan out a date night you two won’t forget. All with the help of a date night box.

We’ve curated a list of date night boxes so that you and your partner can embark on a new adventure. All while staying in the place you call home. From mystery date night boxes to strengthening couple’s activities, these Valentine date box ideas will give you a jam-packed day on February 14th.

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What is a date box?

A date box is either from a subscription service, or you can DIY depending on your budget and preferences. Each date box has a theme or goal that the couple will do together during their date night. Marriage and family therapists design the majority of the date boxes too.

An example of a date box is a spa theme complete with a candle, a bath bomb, a bottle of champagne, and body oil. You can either purchase these products on your own, or you can order them all at once through a date night box service.

How does a date night subscription service work?

Similar to other box services, date night boxes can operate on a variety of schedules. Oftentimes you can pay month by month or select a one time option if you’re unsure about it. However, you’ll usually receive a discount if you purchase a six or twelve-month long subscription. The majority of date boxes go for under $40. At that price point, a date night box is cheaper than dinner and a movie. Some companies, such as Crated with Love and The Happily Box provide additional services like online classes, workbooks, and other couple’s advice too.

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Choosing a date box for Valentine’s Day

Thankfully, there is an abundance of options for at-home date night boxes. That way, a complete itinerary of couple’s idea, little treats, and other knickknacks arrive at your front door, ready for use. They take out the stress of planning, plus they are a chance to mix it up and keep the relationship fresh.

The date night box for the couple that misses going on adventures

One of the most popular date box subscriptions is The Happily Box. Happily works to help couples rediscover date nights. Their most recent date night box for January 2021 was the “Indoor Camp Out” set. This date box focused on enjoying the cozy feeling of camping without going into the wilderness.

The box came with hot cocoa mix, campfire games, a hibachi grill, a s’mores kit, string lights, and more. Many couples reported that they snuggled up in a makeshift tent and watched a movie to unwind.

The date night box for the couple that hasn’t tried a date night box

Happy couple on camping

Perhaps the most highly rated and diverse date night box subscription service is appropriately and cleverly called Crated with Love. Each box features four to five activities focused on improving your relationship. This is another cute date night box designed by marriage and family therapists. Every box is LGBTQ+ friendly and has gender-neutral instructions.

Plus, Crated with Love doesn’t include food in their boxes, which is great for couples who have allergies or special diets. Crated with Love is an overall inclusive and worthwhile date night box to try on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Their January 2021 box was Awards Show themed, which was perfect for those couples who eat, breathe, and sleep pop culture!

Romantic couple drinking wine

The date night box for the couple that wants to find their spark again

The date night box service Happily also offers classes that provide expert advice on topics like sex, money, and communication. With their help, you and your partner can become more mentally in tune. The class they’re currently offering is, “Conquering Conflict” and it’s taught by couple’s therapists and best-selling authors, Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott.

You can start off the class on Valentine’s Day, and then continue it on future date nights. Each course comes with 10 video lessons so you’ll definitely want to space them out. Sometimes you need to check in with each other. This date night activity will give you the chance to do so.


The date night box for the couple that has young kids

Parents know that when the kids are young, it’s a challenge to carve out alone time as a couple and find that spark again. Services like Night In Boxes are perfect for parents because they not only offer couple’s date night boxes, but also kid’s play boxes. The goal of their boxes is to help children “play with a purpose,” which is why the boxes center on themes like sportsmanship or growth mindset.

The box is parent-approved since their kid(s) get a kick out of their new unicorn play box, and they can enjoy playtime as a couple. The Night in Boxes appeared in Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone, and Cosmopolitan so it’s safe to say your family is in good hands. Examples of past date night boxes from the service include a Throwback 90s box and a Roaring 20s extravaganza. With date night boxes like these, you can also dress up to reflect the decade for an extra fun spin on date night.

The date night box for the couple that needs to prioritize their relationship

Another popular date box service is Modern Love, and it offers a purely digital option. If you’re running out of time to order a box before Valentine’s Day then this is your best bet. The online date box, called Modern Love Inbox, aims to connect couples on a deeper level.

The date night box for the couple that wants to eat well

While you could order takeout from your favorite restaurant for this Valentine’s Day, you and your partner can also use a meal subscription service as your own date night box. Home Chef is a highly rated meal service that sends the ingredients and instructions for a meal that will take 30 minutes or less. Cooking and baking are cute DIY date night “box” activities that are cost-effective and a good time. You really can’t go wrong with this date idea!

The date night box for the couple that shares a love for the arts

If you and your partner enjoy a painting session or interior design project, why not spend Valentine’s Day pretending you’re on an HGTV show? You can do this by picking up art supplies or ordering an arts and crafts date night box from a site like Adults & Crafts, which sends you everything you need to build or decorate a useful item for your living space.

Past boxes came with materials to make a geometric clock and a weathered wood caddy. This is also a great idea if you want to spruce up your home because when you’re done with a project, you can both revel in the fact that you built something cool together! And you can’t buy that at Ikea.

valentines candle light dinner

The date night box for the couple that likes to get spooky

If you’re a couple that loves all mysterious things then check out Escape the Crate or Hunt A Killer’s activity boxes. While they are not strictly date night boxes, who’s to say you can’t order them for your Valentine’s Day date? Plus, you can include the whole family if they’re up for it.

Escape The Crate is perfect for couples whose favorite pre-COVID activity was taking a trip to the escape room. Hunt A Killer offers a similar adventure with a whodunit mystery. The box comes with police reports, evidence, and audio files to help you unlock the identity of the murderer. Since Hunt A Killer is slightly more intensive, it can be spread out over a few date nights. But you two might be having so much fun that you won’t stop playing until you find the killer. And we wouldn’t blame you if you did.

The date night box for the couple that wants their date night personalized

If ordering a pre-made date night box for Valentine’s Day doesn’t appeal to you, then feel free to create a DIY version. Here’s a list of items you can include in your at-home date night box:

  • A treat that you both love like chocolate covered nuts, cupcakes, candy, or french fries from your favorite fast-food stop.
  • A bottle of champagne or another beverage that you can cheers to and sip on throughout the night.
  • A board or card game that you’ve never played before, but have always wanted to try.
  • Paper and pencil or canvas and paint so you can channel your inner artist and draw portraits of each other.
  • A matching pair of pajamas, fuzzy socks, or a silly T-shirt to represent your favorite show to watch together.
  • A cheesy, yet useful box of “coupons” you can make and use for each other. Examples include a “Good for one foot massage” or “one homemade dinner” coupon. Get creative and saucy with it.

There are other things you could do this Valentine’s day. Check out this blog about Valentine’s Day Gifts if you are looking for something other than a gift box.

We hope that these cute date night ideas and boxes will inspire you and your partner to switch things up for Valentine’s Day 2021! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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