Our Favorite Dog Bandanas and How to Style Them

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


For many of us dog lovers, our pets are part of our family. We take them on walks, feed them all the treats and dress them up in cute dog bandanas. Bandanas are great options to style up your dogs to make them stand out. They’re lightweight, versatile, and stylish. If you don’t like dressing up your pet in clothes, putting a bandana collar on them is the perfect alternative. Not only are bandanas on dogs as stylish as clothes, but they can make any dog look cuter.

Pet Safety for Bandanas

Before you go out and buy a bunch of cute bandanas, it’s important to consider pet safety regarding your dog wearing bandanas. Much like with many garments, your dogs should be comfortable and happy wearing bandanas. Since most dogs wear collars, they’re used to wearing items around their neck. But keep in mind that some dogs may find the dog scarf uncomfortable.

How to fit dog bandanas

Dog breeds come in various sizes, so bandanas must fit them correctly. It should be comfortable and won’t interfere with the pup’s breathing and movement. The dog handkerchief should fit snugly but have room to fit two fingers between the dog’s neck and bandana.

Here’s a general measurement guide to consider before purchasing a dog bandana. This rough guide will ensure you pick one that’s not too big or small:

  • Extra-small dogs or puppies: 16 inches (40.64 cm) in length
  • Small dogs: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
  • Medium dogs: 24 inches (0.61 meters)
  • Large dogs: 26 inches (0.66 meters)
  • Extra-large dogs: 29 inches (0.74 meters)

Types of dog bandana styles

Dachshunds are wearing red printed bandanas.

The best part about pet bandanas is the abundance of styles available out there. From large dog bandanas to tiny puppy ones, there are styles available for any dog size. You can have the classic paisley bandana design or something with dog-related print on it, with bones and fire hydrants. You can go for something simple, such as solid colors without any patterns. Dogs will usually not have a preference when it comes to bandana style. You can get as creative as possible as to which bandanas you want your dog to wear. But most dog bandana styles are fun, with quirky designs and patterns. Of course, those with cats can buy cat bandanas with cute prints as well.

Dog bandana aesthetics

It’s not a secret that dogs wearing bandanas are instantly cuter. But what about stepping it up a notch and incorporating different bandana styles to make your pup look more adorable. One style, called the cowboy, is perhaps the default style that many people put on their dog. You can achieve it by folding a dog bandana in half to create a triangle. Tie the ends around your dog’s neck, keeping the triangle side at the front.

A pug dog is wearing a red bandana.

Another style is the cape, and it’s the same as the cowboy, except the triangle will be on your dog’s back. A third style is a roll, which will look like a dog bandana collar. Form a triangle by folding the dog bandana in half. Roll the bandana, beginning with the triangle’s pointed tip, until it’s a long strip. Tie the ends comfortably around your dog’s neck. This can also be used as a cat bandana collar.

Uses for a dog bandana

Of course, seeing a dog with a bandana is adorable, but there are many practical reasons for dogs to wear a bandana. They provide warmth, keep dogs cool or have calming effects on pups. The different colors can signal whether a dog is friendly or a service animal. Some can also have insect repellent embedded in the fibers, while others have a reflective, glow-in-the-dark feature for dogs to wear on evening walks. Here are more in-depth reasons as to why dog bandanas can also be functional.

Stay Warm

On chilly and breezy days, a simple dog bandana can provide some warmth to dogs, especially if it’s made of warm materials. The bandana can add another layer of heat to the dog’s neck and chest. Of course, it doesn’t provide as much coverage as a sweater. However, for those who aren’t comfortable putting their dogs in clothes, a bandana is a good solution.

Keep Cool

Just as bandanas can keep pups warm, they can also keep them cool. Soak the bandana in cold water and tie it around your dog. Make sure to check on the dog bandana and re-soak it if necessary. This method is essential on hot, sunny days to help prevent your dog from overheating.

Calm Down

Many stressors in the world can trigger anxiety in your dogs, such as fireworks and thunderstorms. Some people calm their dogs by applying calming essential oils or pheromones onto the dog bandana. Before using these products, make sure they are designed for dogs and are safe. Spray or dab the product onto the area of the bandana that will sit below your dog’s chin. This way, they’ll be able to breathe it in.

How to tie a dog bow

A chihuahua dog is wearing a black and red patterned bow tie.

A bandana on a dog is cute, but a dog with a bow tie is even more adorable. You can turn bandanas into dog bows or cat bow ties without any additional tools. The first step spread the bandana flat on a table and fold one end towards the center and fold the opposite end on top. Fold the bottom end towards the middle and repeat with the top until the bandana is square-shaped. Squish the middle, so the bandana forms the shape of a bow. Take a piece of string or rubber band and tie it around the middle of the bow. You can attach the bow tie onto a cute collar.

DIY dog bow tie

If you’re a little more crafty, you can find a dog bow tie pattern online and create one from scratch. Here are two ways on how to make a bow tie: one that involves no sewing and one that does.

No sewing

For a no-sewing bow tie project by the blog Ammo the Dachshund, you’ll need:

  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Ruler
  • Fabric/bandana
  • Iron (optional)

Step one is to cut a rectangular piece of fabric or bandana into the size that best matches your dog. The wider the material, the bigger the bow tie. The blog used a fabric that’s five inches (12.7 cm) by 19 inches (48.26 cm) for a dachshund. Puppy bows will be smaller and larger dogs bigger. You’ll also need to cut a thin piece of fabric that will wrap around the center of the bow.

In step two, create a small hem by folding in the long edges of the large piece of fabric to create a soft edge. Iron it down if you’d like to crease the folds. Then fold the two short ends towards the middle. Fold the fabric in half to create a layered rectangle piece.

The next step is to crease the fabric in the middle to create three pleats. Place a clothespin to hold it in place. Take the small strip of material you cut out earlier and fold in the edges. Wrap this piece around the center of the bow and tie it into a double knot in the back. Create a bow tie dog collar by attaching the bow you created onto a collar and trim excess fabric. If you don’t want to attach it to a collar, you can wrap it around your dog’s head to create dog hair bows.


If you love to sew, the blog Spoonflower has step-by-step instructions you can follow. You’ll need the following materials:

  • One large piece of fabric/bandana
  • Pins
  • Scissors or rotary blade
  • Ruler
  • Seam gauge
  • Sewing machine
A beagle is wearing a blue ribbon headband and a bandana.

In step one, you’ll cut your fabric. In the blog, the author cuts two materials measuring 10.5 inches (26.67 cm) x 3.5 inches (8.89 cm). Cut another fabric that measures five inches x three inches. The next step is sewing the larger rectangle pieces together, inside out, leaving one side open. Turn the fabric right side out, and you’ll start to shape your bow. Tuck in the raw ends, fold the fabric in half and sew the opening shut. Scrunch the material to form the bow tie shape.

To create the bow tie center:

  • Fold the small rectangle in half along the long edge and sew the ends together.
  • Turn it inside out to show the patterned or colored side and fold it in half.
  • Stitch the ends together and flip it, so the seam is on the inside.

Then, slip the bow through the smaller fabric you just made. Finish it off by entering the whole bow tie through a collar.

Where To Buy Bandanas

Bows and bandanas can look cute on your pets. If you’d like to purchase cute pet bandanas for your dogs and cats, wholesaleforeveryone.com has an abundance of bandanas in various colors and patterns. The company also offers custom-printed bandanas, so your pet can rock unique designs. Visit Wholesale for Everyone for affordable bandanas for your pups.

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