Face Masks 101: Your Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Stay Safe.

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


The presence of face masks in society has become a necessity. Since we’re wearing masks every time we step out the door, it’s important that we find face coverings that keep us safe and comfortable. Disposable masks work great, but sometimes you want a little personalization.

We’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about face masks today. We’ll explore most, if not all of your options when it comes to making the purchase of a mask that will keep you free of infection and looking like yourself.

Let’s get started!

A group of people wearing face masks

Face Masks for Sale

The market is overflowing with different masks for you to choose from. It can be tricky to pinpoint what your options are, though, considering the fact that there’s an overwhelming amount of them.

We’ll start with a look at how to choose the absolute best mask.

Best Face Masks

The best face masks are those that provide the most effective protection from airborne illnesses. Some coverings are too thin and allow too much air to flow through as you breathe through your mouth and nose.

Try to avoid thin pieces of cloth that aren’t really designed to be face coverings, but are just light fabric or clothes that are repurposed to fit on your face. If you can’t find a stylish mask that’s also effective, opt for one that’s medical grade.

Face Masks Made in The USA

Most of the medical masks that you find on the market will be made outside of the United States. This is largely due to the fact that it’s cheaper to produce a lot of goods abroad.

That said, there are still medical-grade options for PPE that are produced domestically. Roughly 5 percent of medical-grade PPE is made in the United States, so you can still support domestic options but you might have to dig a little deeper to find them.

Most Comfortable Face Mask

The comfort of the mask depends on a person’s preferences, the size and shape of their head, and the fabric used on the mask.

Typically, though, the masks that people find most comfortable are those that are made with a soft cloth. Disposable masks tend to do the trick, but they’re not too comfortable all of the time.

Cloth masks tend to be a little more heavy-duty, provide warmth, and don’t rub or chafe your skin as you wear them.

Blue and grey cloth masks

Custom Face Masks

There’s a booming market for custom face masks available. Most of these options are just as effective as other face masks, so you don’t have to worry about them not working while you’re out in public in most cases.

Be sure to double-check the thickness of the cloth used and ensure that the mask prevents a significant amount of airflow from escaping as you breathe. That said, there’s a lot of chance for you to be creative and express yourself through a custom mask.

Cute Face Masks

You can browse your options for cute face masks that make people happy as you pass them by. Whatever your definition of “cute” is, there’s something available for you to work with.

Whether you’re interested in floral prints, or you’d like to add a little glitter into your face mask life, you can tote a mask that displays those things. It’s not even a bad idea to embellish your mask on your own after you purchase it.

Designer Masks

Gucci and Louis Vuitton aren’t strangers to the face mask game. It’s likely that any designer has an option for face masks. Surely, not all of them will have face masks for sale, but you can bet that the primary designers do.

One nice thing about designer face masks is that they aren’t as expensive as the rest of the company’s products. You can wear a Gucci item for just over $100, whereas anything else they sell might not be affordable to most people.

DIY masks

If you’re trying to set yourself up, you can certainly create a DIY mask for yourself. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should try to layer the cloth you use in order to have it be more effective.

A home-made face mask can be as simple or complex as you’d like, just ensure that it’s effective. Try exploring your closets and cupboards for cloth that you aren’t using. You might have a few cool patterns floating around that would look great on a mask.

Facemask Patterns

Again, the sky is the limit when it comes to the designs and patterns that you can use on a facemask! A quick search online will confront you with the fact that there are literally millions of designs, slogans, patterns, and options for you to work with.

If you have any particular interest in a design, though, you could always purchase the fabric and add it to your mask when you get it home.

Stylish fashion face masks

Where to Buy Face Masks

Now it’s time to take a look at where you can buy face masks. Naturally, you can buy them almost anywhere, but we’re going to give you a more specific look at your options so you can narrow them down.


Target is a great place to go and pick out a few unique masks. Target is likely to have bulk options for disposable masks as well as unique cloth masks that fit comfortably to your face.

You can always take a look at what they have to offer on their website before you make the trek into the store and risk exposure.


The Gap is well-known to provide great simple clothing options that go work well together and are generally sturdy. Gap won’t offer as many disposable options for masks, but they’re definitely home to some good cloth options.

You might find that the masks you can choose from at Gap are of higher quality and more stylish than the ones you’d find in a lot of other places.


Walgreens will have a range of disposable masks for you to work with. Swing by Walgreens for a mask in a pinch, or when you need to grab a few affordable masks for whatever reasons.

Different stores might offer individual cloth masks with designs, but if you’re going to make the purchase, you might as well do so at a store that offers a wider variety of cloth masks.


CVS and Walgreens tend to have alternate versions of the same products. The two stores previously shared owners, but they split and became two companies that are effectively the same.

The benefit of CVS is that it tends to be more pharmacy-focused. So, you’ll find a range of disposable masks and, potentially, a cloth mask or two to choose from at CVS.


Any time you’re looking for a specific mask, use Amazon. Amazon will provide you with mask options beyond your wildest dreams. You can find anything you’re looking for there, except maybe a custom mask that’s personalized to you or created by an artist.

That said, if you need a large bunch of masks or you want a particular sort of design, check out Amazon before you look elsewhere.

Etsy Face Masks

Etsy will have a variety of cute and effective masks. The products on Etsy are often hand-crafted and beautiful.

If you’re trying to spice up your attire, give Etsy a shot first.


Walmart will have options similar to Target, except they could be a little more affordable. That said, you can go to Walmart if you need a mask.

They will have options for you to work with.

Hanes Face Mask

Ordering from Hanes is sure to leave you with a comfortable mask. Hanes is great at producing comfortable clothes and undergarments, and the same goes for their mask.

You can expect a comfy cotton mask that will do the trick for you.

Face Mask from wholesaleforeveryone.com

Your best bet for finding affordable PPE is at wholesaleforeveryone.com. We provide a variety of mask options at wholesale prices.

So, if you need to provide masks for a large number of people or you’d just like an affordable one for yourself, you can explore our options.

3 Ply disposable face masks

Types of Face Masks

Let’s explore some of the face masks available to you. It can be tough to know the slight differences between them.

We’ll take a look at the variety of options available to you below.

Reusable Face Masks

Reusable face masks are those that can be washed and brought back into circulation once they’re clean. You’re not supposed to use surgical masks multiple times if you can avoid it.

Maybe you can use them a few times throughout one day if you don’t have another option, but reusable masks are the most cost-effective option.

Antiviral Face Masks

Antiviral masks are ones coated with an additional substance that wards off airborne viruses.

This better protects the people around you as well as yourself. It’s just a second layer of protection to work with as you go out into the world.

N95 Face Masks

N95 masks operate with a respirator that takes some particles out of the air as the air passes through.

They’re called N95 because they take about 95% of the particles containing floating bacteria and viruses. They’re an effective option, more effective than most of the other masks out there.

Cloth Face Masks

Cloth face masks are just any mask that’s composed of cloth. There are numerous cloth options out there, each of them providing a different level of protection.

If you’re working with a cloth mask that doesn’t seem thick enough, try to reinforce it with another layer.

Coronavirus Face Masks

There aren’t any masks that are designed just for COVID-19. Airborne illnesses all operate with the transfer of small particles in the air that we breathe.

The masks we use are simply meant to prevent most of those particles if possible.

Surgical Face Mask

Surgical masks are the ones that are most common out on the street. They’re composed of a few pieces of fabric strung together and looped around the ear.

They’re effective and used by medical professionals in a lot of circumstances. They’re not reusable, so be sure to stock up on surgical masks if they’re the ones you choose to go with.

A male nurse is wearing a surgical face mask

Homemade Face Mask

Homemade face masks are the same as DIY face masks. If you want to make one, make sure you’re equipped with a thick fabric that’s large enough to cover your mouth and nose.

The tricky part is finding ways to wrap the loops around your ear. Try working with an adjustable string if you have the know-how.

No-Sew Face Mask

A no-sew mask can be created by folding fabric into a mask shape and including an earloop strap as you’re folding.

It’s also an option to cut out a piece of fabric in such a way that it can loop around your ears without ever being sewn together in any way. This is a great option if you’re trying to create your own mask but don’t know how to sew.

Cooling Face Mask

Cooling masks operate in various ways to keep your skin cool. In most cases, the “cooling” factor is a result of the fact that the mask breathes well. It isn’t that it actively chills your face, but that it allows air to flow safely through the fabric and avoid generating too much heat in your mask.

Korean Face Mask

Korean face masks are the same as the masks used in the United States and elsewhere. The confusion, though, is that there’s a popular face-cleansing product called a Korean face mask that is meant to cleanse your pores and improve your skin.

To help keep your skin clean, you might need a Korean face mask after wearing a mask day-in and day-out, but it won’t protect you from coronavirus.

Earloop Face Mask

Earloop facemasks are those that have string loops to run around your ears and hold them up. This is pretty much any mask that you can buy or would ever see on a person.

The alternative is to tie a piece of fabric around your head. Bandanas and T-shirts work great in a pinch.

Face Mask with Filter

Some masks, mostly medical-grade ones but some that are DIY, come equipped with a filter inside.

If you’re making your own mask, it’s a good idea to try and insert a filter into the fabric where you breathe. If you’re out looking for a mask, opt for ones with filters if you can. They’re more effective at preventing particle transferring.

Disposable Face Mask

Disposable face masks are ones that you shouldn’t use more than once or twice. Surgical masks are the most common form.

Try to avoid using these masks twice without looking for ways to clean them first.

Black Face Masks

Black face masks are a sleek option that you can wear and look great with anything. They are becoming increasingly popular compared to the typical blue ones. They’re no more or less effective than masks of the same kind, but they’re preferable because they are subtle and go well with most clothing.

You can find a black face mask just like this woman is wearing here!

An Asian woman wears a face mask

Neck Gaiters as Face Masks

Neck gaiters work well as face masks. Be sure that the fabric you’re using is thick enough, though, because a lot of gaiters tend to be thin.

That said, a gaiter is a great option in winter and spring because it covers up most of your face and neck.

Face Masks for the Flu

There’s no difference between the masks that people are wearing for COVID-19 and those worn for flu season.

It’s a smart idea to wear a mask for the flu even if you’re confident you aren’t going to get covid. The weight of flu season is weighing down on the already-overworked medical professionals.

Want to Find a Great Mask for Yourself?

What type of face mask do you use? It might be time to look for another option that’s more comfortable and effective for you. Where did you get your face mask?

If you didn’t have a great experience last time you bought a mask, we’re here to help you get what you need. Explore our site for more options and ideas for masks and bandanas that will have you feeling safe and confident this upcoming spring.

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