The Best Ways to Ask an Attorney About Your Case

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If you have to work an attorney, you’ll need to know the best ways to ask an attorney about your case.

You’ve probably never imagined yourself asking an attorney questions, but life changes such as marriage, divorce, an accident, or business trouble may have forced you to find one.

Finding a prospective attorney isn’t really a problem if you have family and friends with great attorney experiences. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as recommendations can take you when working with an attorney is your goal. 

You have to ask an attorney about your case and develop a client-attorney relationship.

This begins with an initial consultation. Questions to ask an attorney at this stage range from costs to experience handling similar cases to availability. Once you get your attorney of choice, you need to ask even deeper questions with regards to your case. 

But, how do you do it?

The Best Ways to Ask an Attorney About Your Case

Ask an attorney

Following are some crucial things you need to do when asking an attorney about your case in order to make the right choice:

Be Organized

Your story needs to be clear, concise, and comprehensive. 

If possible, write down all the details in chronological order and have all the required documents. If your case needs witnesses, prepare a witness list. You don’t want to overload your attorney with incomplete and/or scattered information. 

Such order and availability of required documents make it easier for your attorney to give more accurate advice and prepare for the worst possible outcome.

Be Honest

When you want to ask an attorney about your case, you need to be transparent.

Dishonesty ties your attorney’s hands and jeopardizes your case. 

Remember that with the attorney-client privilege, your attorney can’t divulge your information to anybody else. So, it is safe to be completely honest about your situation.

Also, if you add fictitious information and/or omit facts, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. You may be setting yourself up to lose your claim or case. 

Request Clarification/Explanation

This isn’t the time to pretend to understand legalese because you know someone in law school. 

Don’t be afraid to seek clarification. Law can be quite confusing, and sometimes what you read and understand isn’t what was meant.

Be Detailed

When you want to ask an attorney about your case, you want to be as detailed as possible.

All details matter in law, no matter how small. Things you’d ignore such as the weather, meals, and the type of tattoo could be the break your case needs. So, remember and tell everything.

In court, for example, you could be your attorney’s eyes and ears. Something as simple as a reaction, comment, and body language could make a huge difference. There’s nothing like too much information to an attorney. Let them hear and sift it.

Find Out What Isn’t Legally Important

Being detailed and honest is great, and your attorney needs all this information. But the truth is some of this information might not be legally important and won’t help your case. 

Ask an attorney which details fall into this category, and if you find them important enough, figure a way out to make them admissible.

Do Call, But Not Everyday

Legal issues are handled procedurally. And this means that they take time. 

So, if your hearing or negotiations are in three weeks, don’t call your attorney daily. Sure, call and schedule a meeting to discuss the details of the legal matter, but don’t do it too often. 

Asking Is Your Right

Consulting an attorney

Asking an attorney about your case can be quite challenging, especially if it is your first time. 

Just remember you are within your rights, so don’t be hesitant to ask an attorney whatever question you may have. Just be honest, detailed, organized, and ready to accept the situation, no matter how difficult it might be sometimes.

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