Tossed Bones Red Triangle Bandana - 22x29x22 Inch

Tossed Bones Red Triangle Bandana – 22x29x22 Inch

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10 - 24 pieces 10 % $3.15
25+ pieces 15 % $2.98


Revamp your pet’s look with our Tossed Bones Red Triangle Bandana – 22x29x22 Inch. Made in the USA with a playful design, perfect for showing off their style! Enjoy deep wholesale discounts. Elevate your pet’s style today!

Product Features:
  • Size: Let your furry friend shine with a vibrant 22x29x22-inch triangular bandana, providing ample coverage for a stylish statement.
  • Origin: Crafted with love in the USA, this bandana exudes the essence of American craftsmanship, ensuring your pet stands out with quality and flair.
  • Packaging Choices: Tailor the experience to your pet's needs with options ranging from a single piece to a dozen, offering flexibility in accessorizing.
Key Highlights:
  • Playful Design: Adorned with tossed bones in a lively red backdrop, this bandana adds a playful touch to your pet's attire, expressing their joyful spirit.
  • Triangular Dimensions: The unique triangular shape allows for versatile styling, ensuring your pet is the trendsetter in any social circle.
  • Made in the USA: Embrace the spirit of American craftsmanship, knowing your pet is flaunting a bandana crafted with precision and care.
  • Flexible Packaging: Choose the packaging that suits your pet's style, whether it's a single piece for a special occasion or a dozen for a variety of looks.
Styling Options for Your Pet:
  • Classic Tie: Achieve a timeless look by tying the bandana around your pet's collar, bringing a pop of color to their everyday adventures.
  • Adventurous Bandit: Transform your pet into a charming bandit by folding the bandana into a triangle and securing it around their neck, showcasing their playful side.

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