Rehab Yoga: 3 Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Heal Addiction

Michael Hearing

Michael Hearing


Rehab Yoga: 3 Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Heal Addiction

Addiction covers many things. It could be drugs, alcohol, or even, in our modern times,
internet addiction. Finding a way to break the habit and heal your addiction can be difficult,
but increasingly many are turning to yoga therapy and meditation.

But how can yoga help heal your addiction? Is yoga for rehab really an effective solution?

And isn’t meditation just mumbo jumbo?

In fact, yoga has been used for centuries to cure all manner of ills. Although yoga was
originally designed to rejuvenate the body and prolong life, current practitioners swear by
yoga’s therapeutic powers.

Meditation, although a separate practice, also has lots of potential for treating the symptoms
of modern life, including addiction.

As a tool for rehabilitation, for any sort of addiction, rehab yoga has great potential in our
modern world.

Stress Relief

Yoga and Meditation for Rehab

Stress is a killer, no doubt.

And many people turn to vices to help them escape from their stresses in everyday life. This
includes anything from smoking and drinking excessively to relying on prescription or hard

Surely there is another way to beat stress?

Well, yes. Using therapeutic yoga practices can help you control your stress levels and
increase the number of endorphins in your brain. These are those pleasure chemicals that
your body craves and are often delivered from our indulgences.

To beat those addictions, whatever they may be, yoga therapy offers a way to release those
worries and lower stress, thereby lowering the chances of turning to drugs or drink.

Discipline and Focus

Yoga for Rehab

A major reason for people to fall back into addiction is a lack of self-discipline. Using
rehabilitation yoga to cure addictions is a proven and effective way of creating self-discipline
and changing your focus in life.

By following regular yoga tuition or guided meditation, you create a healthy habit that helps
you turn your attention from the bad things in life and onto self-care and self-respect.

As this becomes more developed, it becomes less likely that those following rehab yoga
courses will fall back into bad habits.

As Kevin Griffin, co-founder of the Buddhist Recovery Network says, “Addiction itself can be
a misguided spiritual search… Many people who don’t see themselves as spiritual [find that]
once they become sober they have this longing in them, and that addiction has been a way
of finding a connection.”

Good Habits

Yoga and Meditation for Rehab

A major part of addiction is a pattern of bad habits. If we feel down or stressed or if we have
a group of friends who are bad influences, it can be easy to just fall back into the same old

But our lives and our brains can be rewired to break those bad habits and build new good

Using therapeutic yoga as part of a rehabilitation course is a strong method of building up a
good habit. And as yoga offers that feel-good sensation, thanks to those endorphins, it’s a
good habit to make and one that many people follow for a lifetime.

Does Rehab Yoga Really Work?

With a growing chorus of people from all spheres of life crediting yoga for their rehabilitation,
it seems that people are starting to notice the therapeutic effects of yoga.

Although there are not many studies into the effectiveness of yoga as an addiction
treatment, it has been proven to induce a sense of wellbeing and a natural high that
substances just can’t beat.

For those suffering from addiction of any type, using yoga for rehabilitation could be the key.

Can yoga and meditation be used to treat addiction? Discover how using therapeutic yoga
for rehabilitation could be the key to a new and healthier you.

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