22 Of Our Best Winter Dinner Ideas That Will Keep You Happy!

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Now that we are entering winter, it’s time to switch out those favorite fall recipes for some delicious winter dinner ideas! Winter foods usually consist of richer and heavier recipes such as creamy soups, pasta, roasts, casseroles, and more. We have compiled a list of some crowd-favorite winter food recipes. We have included some healthy recipes alongside some traditional recipes that are still satisfying on a cold winter night. Enjoy this list of delicious winter dinner ideas!

Winter appetizers

Crispy Garlic Parmesan Brussels sprouts bites

Brussels sprout coated with parmessan cheese

Even if you’re not a Brussels sprouts fan, there’s a good chance you’ll love these. These bites are cheesy and have a nice crunch. The mixture of hearty vegetables and Parmesan is a lovely combination.

Find Samantha’s recipe and winter dinner idea on the blog withpeanutbutterontop.com here.

Baked macaroni and cheese bites

Who doesn’t love classic mac n’ cheese? These delicious little bites are crowd-pleasers and a perfect start to any winter dinner idea you may have for a cold night.

Find the recipe here.

Garlic knots

Calling all garlic-bread lovers! These garlic bread knots will make your mouth water before you take your first bite. Made with parsley and garlic butter, these puffed bread bites with leave your family wanting more.

Find the recipe on Tasty.com here.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus

Another veggie-disguised appetizer, these salty treats will level up your asparagus, and even kids will love them. These are super easy to make and you can cook them in the oven or grill. You can even add honey or brown sugar for some extra sweetness!

Find the recipe by Erin Clarke here.


Classic French onion soup

French onion soup is a wonderful entrée or appetizer on a cold winter night. Cheese, bread, and grilled onions? What’s not to love? There are many variations to this classic soup. This version uses a Dutch oven to get a nice rich flavor. The recipe for this winter dinner idea also uses wine to add more body to this amazing soup.

A bowl of French onion soup

Find the recipe by Lou Sansevero here.

Chicken and wild rice soup

Chicken and wild rice soup is another classic recipe, and it’s hard to resist such a comforting meal. Creamier than chicken noodle soup, this classic soup is easy to make and is a satisfying winter dinner idea.

Find the recipe by Lauren from LaurensLatest.com here.

Split pea soup

This creamy soup is a classic holiday staple and enjoyed by many on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This soup has a wonderfully creamy texture with flavorful bits of ham – the perfect combination.

Find Janette’s recipe at culinaryginger.com here.


Salads make great appetizers for a winter meal or as a main course. These recipes contain ingredients such as warm grain, cranberries, squash, sweet potatoes, and seasonal fruit.

Winter harvest salad

This recipe uses sweet potatoes, cranberries, and pine nuts to create a sweet and filling combination. Topped with honey-dijon dressing, this simple and beautiful salad is sure to become your go-to every winter.

Find Leela’s recipe on lexeats.com here.

Pomegranate and pear salad

We love this unique salad! Using pomegranate, pears, clementines, and walnuts, this gorgeous salad is sure to wow the crowd. Pears and pomegranate are seasonal, making this the perfect fruity holiday salad. This salad is easily versatile–swap the walnuts for pecans, or pears for apples if you prefer.

Find Stephanie’s recipe on bluebowlrecipes.com here.

Winter grain bowl with feta and citrus vinaigrette

This holiday grain bowl is a wonderful, hearty dish for those days that you want a nutritious and filling meal. Using farro, pear, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds, this grain bowl can make the perfect side dish or main course. Drizzled with orange and thyme dressing, this dish is super easy to make, and simply delicious!

Find Donna’s recipe on wholefoodbellies.com here.

Winter dinner idea recipes

Time for the main course! These dinner recipes are hearty and filling, using ingredients such as baked chicken, beef, squash, and hearty vegetables. You will definitely enjoy these crowd-pleasing winter dinners!

Cheesy veggie oven-baked pasta

This cheesy baked pasta, or Pasta Al Forno, is a classic Italian dish. It is the perfect pasta to serve to family or guests. Using eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, and three types of cheeses, this pasta hits all the right notes. This winter dinner idea is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Cheesy baked pasta

Find David Rocco’s recipe on cookingchanneltv.com here.

Classic chicken pot-pie

You can’t go wrong with a chicken pot pie! This classic dish is a comforting dish for a cold winter night and a true family pleaser. For this recipe, you can use store-bought pie crust or make your own from scratch. The filling consists of carrot, celery, and peas mixed with flour, butter, and cream for a rich, creamy texture. After baking, stick a fork in and enjoy!

Chicken pot pie

Find Amanda’s recipe on her blog the Wholesome Dish here.

Slow-cooker old-fashioned pot roast

Ah, Pot roast! One of the most classic holiday recipes for the whole family. Made in a slow cooker to keep the moist, melt-in-your-mouth texture, pot roast is a winter staple. We’ve found a recipe that uses amazing spices to give your roast that irresistible flavor. This winter dinner idea recipe calls for fresh dill, chives, and garlic mixed with beef broth. Serve with mashed potatoes, and dig in.

Find Anna Theoktisto’s recipe on Southern Living here.

Easy beef stroganoff

This beef casserole is an easy and delicious winter dinner idea, making it a dish you’ll cook again and again. This recipe only takes 30 minutes and uses dill, parsley, and garlic to create an amazing, rich taste.

Find Erin’s recipe on PureWow.com here.

Oven-baked buffalo wings

Did somebody say game night? These buffalo wings are perfect for a Super Bowl party, or on a night when you’re craving some wings. These oven-baked wings are a bit healthier than the deep-fried version and taste just as good. Mix up all the hot sauce ingredients, coat your wings, and stick them in the oven. To garnish, add parsley. Yum!

A plate of buffalo chicken wings and a beer

Find Erin’s recipe on PureWow.com here.

Winter squash and onion flatbread

Squash is a must-have to have on your holiday grocery list! This winter squash and onion flatbread is a perfect winter version of the classic flatbread pizza. For this winter dinner idea recipe, you can make your own homemade flatbread or use the store-bought version. Drizzled with olive oil and blue cheese, these flatbreads are a wonderful winter recipe.

Find the recipe on bonappetite.com here.

Creamy Tuscan chicken

This savory Tuscan chicken dish is literally to die for. Created by Katie Workman and featured on the Food Network, the dish is the perfect creamy chicken recipe. The pan-fried chicken comes together with basil, spinach, and tomatoes to form a delicious sauce to go over pasta.

Find the recipe from Katie on the blog themom100.com here.

Roast chicken breast with caramelized onion and seasonal fruit

We couldn’t give you just one chicken recipe on this list! Roast chicken is another holiday favorite, and this recipe is the perfect holiday version. Cooked with brown sugar, apples, and cranberry juice, this roast chicken is on the sweeter side. This winter dinner idea is wonderful for a Christmas meal and looks beautiful on the table.

Find the recipe on midwestliving.com here.

Vegan chickpea curry

If you’re looking for a vegan winter dinner idea, look no further. This vegan chickpea curry is amazingly rich and packed with tons of flavor. Containing various spices and eggplant, this dish is nutritious and filling; perfect for a winter meal.

Find the recipe by ElaVegan on elavegan.com here.

Shredded beef enchiladas

Enchiladas are a favorite winter dinner idea, and it’s easy to switch them up by using different meats and fillings. In this version, these enchiladas use shredded beef, green enchilada sauce, and fresh tomatoes to create a savory mix.

Find the recipe by Tiffany Azure on delish.com here.

Smoked BBQ Meatloaf

Trust us when we say this winter dinner idea will take your meatloaf to the next level. This recipe uses roasted peppers to give it even more flavor, as well as barbecue sauce, garlic, and oregano. This meatloaf is the perfect addition to barbecue night and pairs well with fries or roasted potatoes.

Find the recipe by Karrie on tastyeverafter.com here.

Butternut Squash, Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

This casserole is the ultimate winter dinner idea for a comforting and nourishing meal. Using butternut squash, cranberries, and topped with Parmesan, This casserole will definitely become your new go-to winter recipe.

Find the recipe by Erin Clarke on wellplated.com here.

Winter recipes are some of the tastiest and richest recipes and can be comforting on cold winter nights. From pasta to meatloaf, grain bowls to soups, the possibilities are endless. Happy cooking!

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