10 DIY Ugliest Christmas Sweaters for Your Next Holiday Party

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It’s that time of year again! The time to bust out your ugliest Christmas sweater for that ugly sweater party, family get-together, or stay-at-home game night. Whatever your event, it’s always fun to see who’s wearing the hands-down ugliest Christmas sweater. If you don’t have a Christmas sweater or can’t find one that you like, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 DIY ugliest Christmas sweaters that will definitely win you some points with your friends and family.

We’ve included some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters that both men and women would wear, and also some goofy ideas for those of you who really like to laugh.

For each of these ugliest Christmas sweaters, feel free to customize them however you want. You can use cotton balls, paper snowflakes, battery-operated lights, construction paper…literally anything in the Michael’s store Christmas section will work.

But without further ado, here are 10 cringe-worthy, ugliest Christmas sweaters that your whole family will love:

1. The “Look—I’m a Wreath!”

A woman wearing a big ribbon.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

Starting this list off strong with a spin on a classic Christmas decoration—a wreath! This is a super creative use of shapes and is pretty easy to make. This creative ugly Christmas sweater only requires 3 main materials. These include faux pine garland, a big red bow, and some fuzzy balls to look like lights. You can also choose any color sweater for this costume or a white one like the photo. For extras, you can easily add holly, fake pine cones, or anything else you might find on a traditional Christmas wreath.

2. The “Put me in Your Living Room!”

A woman wearing christmas decorations.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

A simple and easy ugliest Christmas sweater that’ll still get you claps—the Christmas tree sweater! All you’ll need for this sweater is gold or silver garland, some small plastic ornaments, and big white cotton balls. You can even go the extra mile and wrap some small, battery-operated lights around the garland or wear them on your neck, and voilà! Make sure to pose like a tree when it’s time to take your picture. You can even sing “O Christmas Tree” if you’re feeling extra cheesy. Don’t forget the star!

3. The “Beer Pong—But Make it Christmas”

Sweater with beer pong glass for designs.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

This sweater is sure to get you some laughs, if you’re in the right environment, of course. It’s a spin on the classic drinking game. This ugly Christmas sweater only requires some red solo cups, a pre-bought Christmas sweater, and some super glue. Or, you can cut holes in the cups, weave in some string, and sew them into the sweater. If there are two of these sweaters at the party, you can even play against each other without a table! You might both win an ugliest Christmas sweater contest as a duo. Happy throwing!

4. The “Look, I’m a Fireplace!”

A sweater that looks like a fireplace.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

We have to admit, this sweater is one of the most creative and well-done ugliest Christmas sweaters we’ve seen. This sweater is fun because you can mix it up in your own style with as much tinsel or garland as you’d like. But for the basics: Some garland (any color), mini stockings, cut-up paper towel or toilet paper rolls, and construction paper for the fire. Feel free to add paper snowflakes, glittery Styrofoam balls, and any extra decorations that you desire. Some versions of this sweater use fake snow, or even Santa peeping out of the fireplace. Careful, the fire’s hot!

5. Let it Snow!

A sweater insipred by a snowglobe design.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

This one’s cute. A sweater idea from thecraftpatchblog.com, this snow globe sweater is easy to make, yet still creative. You can even switch out the snowman for something else to put in the globe. All you really need for this sweater is some felt of various colors, cotton balls, and some felt glue or adhesive. If you can sew, sew on those puffballs to the end of the sleeves for a very special touch. If you’d like, you can add glitter or tiny snowflake sequins—make it your own! This sweater is a great idea to make your kids if it’s ugly Christmas sweater day at school.

6. The Half-Rudolph

A couple sweater with a raindeer print.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

Couple costume alert! Rudolph is iconic on his own, but look what happens when you make him into a combo costume. It sure does make a great photo! The bows part is optional, but if you’re looking to get a laugh, go for it. This super simple sweater only requires felt, a red shiny Styrofoam ball, and sticky bows. To create easy antlers, just trace your hand on felt and cut it out! You can also add glued-on snowflakes, stars, or cotton balls for the backdrop if you wish!

If you’re trying to think of some more ideas for the ugliest Christmas sweaters for couples, how about a half-Santa or half-Elf instead?

Here’s one as a half-Christmas tree!

A couple wearing matching sweatshirt.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

7. You’re An Ugly One, Mr. Grinch

Sweater insipred by the Grinch.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

We applaud this sweater-maker’s creative flair—using The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, to create an ugliest Christmas sweater embellished with that iconic Grinch hand. This maker used quite a few different materials for this sweater, but for the basic hand-concept, all you’ll need is some fuzzy felt (you could even cut up an old shirt or hat) to create the Grinch’s hand, some feather boa for the sleeve cuff, and red sequin-fabric (or any red fabric you have lying around). Finally, add a little ornament onto those stringy fingers, and boom! A sweater everyone will recognize and love. You could easily dress up this sweater by placing the feather boas and ribbons in different locations and add extra lights or different colored-ornaments. See, Christmas really doesn’t come from a store!

8. The “Hold my Bee—Eggnog”

A vest with bottle holder.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

This sweater doubles as a personal drink caddy—what more could you ask for? Seriously though, this sweater maker put a solid effort into this ugliest Christmas sweater, as well as three beers. Note: This sweater requires some sewing. Here’s what you’ll need: A 3-pocket panel (pre-sewn), a bow (or as many as you’d like) tinsel, and other decoration. After you sew the panel onto the sweater, pretty much decorate the rest of the sweater however you’d like. Cheers!

If you’re looking for some more sweaters involving alcohol, another idea is the wine bottle Christmas sweater. This is basically just one big pocket where you can hide your own personal wine bottle or champagne like a champ.

9. Rudolph the Puking Reindeer

Sweater with a Rudolf the Red nose raindeer design.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

People seem to really like making their ugliest Christmas sweaters with reindeer that expel candy and bows. We don’t blame them, it’s a pretty awesome idea. Grab your felt (light brown, dark brown, and white) felt glue and felt pens. For the nose, any red ball will work, such as a cotton ball, or tinsel ball. The lights on the antlers are optional, but they do add a cute touch. For the rest (the puke, that is), you can use pre-wrapped peppermint sticks, peppermint candies, other small wrapped items, or candy that won’t melt. And yes, Santa’s reindeer do eat candy.

10. The Christmas Countdown

A sweater with lots of pockets for candies.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

This ugliest Christmas sweater took some real dedication, and it turned out amazing! Like the beer holder sweater, this one requires a bit of sewing. All you’ll need for materials are felt, felt glue, and some cute Christmas knick-knacks to stick in the pockets. Sew each of the pockets together, then sew them onto the sweater. Cut out felt numbers and glue those to the pockets with felt glue. Then, stick in your candy, toys, gum, whatever! Wear this around your own kids, or your nieces and nephews, and give out mini Christmas gifts depending on the pocket they pick. Or, just keep snacks in there if you get the munchies; it’s up to you.

Bonus: Christmas Doggy Bandana

A dog wearing a bandana.
10 diy ugliest christmas sweaters for your next holiday party

Aww! Dalmationdiy’s super-cute Christmas bandana for her dog is perfect if you want to dress up your dog without turning them into Rudolph. The simple but adorable idea only requires a red (or white or green) bandana and squeeze-fabric paint. Feel free to create any design you want, but this Dalmatian mom chose bones, holly, and cute little Christmas lights. Check out the tutorial here:

Is DIY not your thing? Looking for a website that sells affordable holiday bandanas that can be put on pets? Check out our website!

And that’s it! Now you know exactly how to wow the crowd this holiday season. We hope these super creative and pretty hilarious ugliest Christmas sweaters have inspired you to get crafty!

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