Fantastic Valentine’s Day Crafts For Couples In 2021

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Michael Hearing


Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time for couples. You might find yourself trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one or trying to plan the perfect evening. But you can take all that stress away by taking control and creating homemade Valentine’s gifts and decor.

Creating Valentine’s Day crafts with your partner can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’s a great way to spend more time with each other. You can learn more about their interests and how creative and crafty they can be.

A photo of a scissor and heart shaped crafts.

Handmade vs. Store Bought Valentine’s

You may be debating whether to give store-bought or DIY Valentine’s cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day. The answer depends on factors like convenience, time, and price.

Store-bought presents are more convenient and have more variety. They are also cheaper when you consider how many you can buy for a specific price.

The biggest advantage of Valentine’s Day homemade crafts is that they are personal. You can also customize them to reflect someone’s interests and style.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

One of the best things about DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is making them with your partner. Crafting allows you to relive your childhood. We all remember doing Valentine’s Day arts and crafts in school when we would create valentines for our parents or friends.

While you’re crafting, you can reminisce with your partner about your childhood. Here are some Valentine’s Day craft ideas to do with your partner.

Heart shapes craft on a line.

Valentine’s Garlands

Garlands are easy Valentine’s Day crafts you can make by using materials lying around the house. Garlands are perfect Valentine’s Day decorations that can spruce up your home.

One crafting idea is to cut old books or newspapers into strips and to turn them into hearts. Another easy DIY garland is folding pink paper into hearts and stringing them together.

Paper flowers

This Valentine’s Day 2021, instead of buying real flowers, you can make paper flowers that will last longer. Tissue paper carnations are great as they look identical to actual flowers. Another option is peonies made from cupcake wrappers.

DIY Valentine’s Day cards

Buying Valentine’s cards at the store is easy and convenient, but it doesn’t beat a homemade card. DIY cards are more personal. You can design it however you want and write heartfelt messages. When your family and friends receive homemade cards, it will feel more special.

Valentine’s Day DIY Card Ideas:

Valentine’s Day Decor

If you want to up your crafting skills, you can create Valentine’s decorations to put around the house. You can also design outdoor Valentine decorations that set you apart from your neighbors. These items can be used for V-Day or kept up for several weeks after. Every time you see the Valentine’s home decor you crafted, it will remind you of the fun you had making them with your partner.

Flower petals shaped like a heart.

Kitchen Decorations

Mugs and cups are the easiest Valentine’s Day crafts you can design with your partner. All you’ll need is a blank mug in the color of your choice and some sharpies or paint. You can decorate the cups for each other, writing special messages, or drawing any Valentine’s-related characters. You can get as creative or humorous as you’d like.

Another fun and simple Valentine’s day craft for the kitchen is to make a placemat with a valentine themed bandana. Take a dollar tree placemat, stiff as possible, flip it over so the white side is up so you can not see through the bandana. Then you tape it on the reverse side tight, like you would a present. Use packing tape or masking tape. This is perfect for a valentine’s themed dinner!

DIY heart-shaped cork coasters are cheap crafts that can be reused every year. You can cut coasters into hearts and decorate them however you’d like. Another sentimental Valentine’s Day DIY crafts are customized dish towels. You can create your own design or use personal photos and transfer them onto the dishtowels.

Valentine Table Decorations

Decorate your dining table for Valentine’s Day by crafting a themed table runner. You can craft these using foam or paper hearts and gluing them together until they reach the length you want.

Another Valentine’s Day decoration idea is table centerpieces. One option is to craft mini Valentine trees made out of felt. This is a simple and festive addition to your dining table.

If you’re looking for rustic Valentine decoration ideas, a small heart ornament tree can be a great pick. You and your partner will need to look for small, thin branches in your park or backyard. You’ll also need some plain wooden ornaments on which you can paint mini hearts. Hang these ornaments on the mini tree and string on some mini fairy lights.

Other Valentine’s Day decor ideas:

A wooden candle holder with a heart shaped opening on the side.


There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day. Making a customized candle is as easy as taking a candle in your favorite scent and carving your partner’s initials on it. You can place that candle inside a tin lantern or jar.

DIY candle jars and lanterns:

Valentine Door Decorations

Up your Valentine’s door decor this year with a love-themed wreath. Buy fake flowers or reuse Christmas ornaments for the wreath. If you want something different, you can craft an XO door decor. It’s subtle enough that you can keep up the decoration after Valentine’s Day.

Outdoor Decorations

Decorate the outside of your house with a Valentine’s Day trail sign. Valentine’s Day wood crafts can add a rustic feel to your home. Use some repurposed wood, paint it in various shades of red or pink, and write on some heartfelt or funny messages. You can also be fancy and create a beautiful valentine’s balloon heart backdrop. It may take a lot of time, but the results are stunning.

Valentine’s Day food and drinks

Snacks made especially for valentines.

It’s not quite Valentine’s Day without the sweets. You and your partner can design a Valentine’s Day menu filled with food and drinks you can make together.

Simple Valentine’s Day craft ideas for treats:

Valentine’s Day crafts for the family

Getting your kids or even extended family in on the crafting fun can make for a great bonding experience for everyone. These are Valentine’s Day crafts in which the whole family can participate.

A great Valentine’s Day DIY is a secret message Valentine. Your family can write secret messages on cards and reveal them on Valentine’s Day. Another fun DIY is crafting scratch-off Valentine’s Day gift certificates.

A fun Valentine’s Day game reuses old Jenga blocks. You’ll write down questions, instructions, or notes on each piece. When someone pushes one of the parts out, they will either have to answer or perform that act written on the Jenga piece. You can make it kid-friendly or only between the adults.

Other fun Valentine’s Day arts and crafts:

Pom pom valentine monsters.
Valentine bingo in a jar gift.

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

A child's hand covered in paint.

You and your partner can help your kids or nieces and nephews create cute Valentine’s Day crafts. Depending on their age, younger children may need help and supervision when creating crafts.

Helping the little ones with their Valentine’s Day DIY will allow them to express their creativity. Here are some arts and crafts Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers:

Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers:

Other Things to Make for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day crafts for each other

There’s nothing sweeter than a homemade Valentine’s gift from your partner, but it’s better when you make them together. You can work together on these presents, making it a collaborative project. Here are some Valentine’s Day crafts for each other!

For personalized presents, you and your partner can embroider PJs for one another. You can hand sew your partner’s initials or write a heartfelt message. If you’re not fond of embroidery, you can use fabric paint to create a design. Either way, it’s a fun little crafting activity you can do together.

A couple kissing each other beside a window.

Another heartfelt DIY gift for each other is a couple’s silhouette art. For this DIY, you’ll trace your partner’s silhouette, and they’ll trace yours. Once done, you’ll cut them out and frame them. How you frame them depends on you. You can either put them together in one frame or separate frames facing each other.

A more sentimental gift is a DIY love letter art. You and your partner either can type, paint, or handwrite a personalized love letter for each other. You can work on it together but keep the contents of the letter secret until Valentine’s Day. Once you’re done, you can frame it and hang it on the wall.

Valentine’s Day crafts for adults

Valentine’s Day is a time for romance and spending quality time with your partner. This year, instead of going to the store and buying a gift, you and your partner can create romantic gifts for each other. Valentine crafts can spark romance and bring you and your partner closer together. It can also make this Valentine’s Day special.

A couple spending their time in a room filled with candles.

Create a scrapbook with your photos, ticket stubs, receipts, or anything with sentimental value. A Valentine’s message in a bottle can hold sweet love notes.

You can also create a date jar where each person contributes a date idea. You and your partner can write your ideas on different colored paper, so you’ll know who suggested the date. The date jar can give you ideas on things to do on Valentine’s Day. Of course, this will come in handy on V-Day, but you can also use it for the rest of the year.

Finally, you and your loved one can create redeemable Valentine’s Day coupons. It can have cute little, romantic gestures such as breakfast in bed.

Valentine’s DIY Spa Day

There’s nothing more perfect than a nice, hot bath to end a busy day. You and your partner can create some bath bombs or scrubs to cap off a lovely Valentine’s Day. The best part about creating your own bath products is picking out your favorite scents.

Valentine’s Day art

A love quote on a wooden heart shaped post.

If you or your partner are creative and artsy, you can create Valentine’s Day crafts that can double as artwork for the house. These crafts are a bit tougher but figuring it out with your partner is half the fun.

Valentine’s canvas art need about four to eight canvas pieces that you and your partner can decorate separately. Once you’re done, you can reveal your designs to each other. You can hang them on the wall, and it will act as a reminder of that day.

This DIY arrow wall art is the perfect Valentine’s Day home decor if you have a modern-style house. It’s also timeless and can fit with your existing decor.

hanging heart wall piece made from tree branches is excellent for a rustic design. Since it requires looking for branches, you and your partner can turn that task into a fun date.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. It can be a fun activity, especially if you make Valentine’s Day crafts with your partner.

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