Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas for 2021

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Wait a minute… it’s already the new year? Wow, time is moving super fast. Well, in that case, we better gear up for Valentine’s Day while we still have time to plan a date night, create a homemade Valentine’s Day gift, or order your partner something special.

To make the gift-giving and planning process a bit easier, we made an ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day gifts and date ideas. That way no one is whipping together a last-minute card or running out to buy drugstore candy. I mean, you can do that, but both of us know that will probably get you an insincere, “Aw, you shouldn’t have” because you really should not have. Instead, choose one or a few of these gift ideas and a date idea to start this year off strong with your loved one.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s easy to fall into a rut during the winter season and these pandemic times. So give yourself something to do while making a heartfelt gift for your partner. Start by rolling up your sleeves, then get crafty with it. A great resource for all kinds of cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas is Pinterest. They have everything from dessert recipes to printable Valentine’s gifts like, “Open when (blank)” letters.

After you print the template, add a feeling on the front of the card, and then write a sweet message on the inside. That way, whenever they need a pick-me-up or miss you, they’ll have a little love letter to hold close. Pinterest also has printable joke tellers and coupon books, which make for corny, yet cute gifts.

A pretty lady is holding a valentines card

Another unique Valentine’s Day gift you can make in the comfort of your own home is paper and card crafts. If you’re artistically inclined, you can draw a portrait of the two of you or something your partner loves. We understand if that means drawing a picture of Baby Yoda, he is stinkin’ cute. You can also switch up the medium depending on what they like or what you’re good at. If you struggle with the arts, you might want to study up with Bob Ross to learn how to paint a pretty landscape of the place where you met or want to go. The options are really endless when it comes to artsy Valentine’s Day gifts.

As far as Valentine’s Day card crafts go, deck out a homemade Happy V-Day card with stamps, pictures, glitter, googly eyes, you name it. Even though it’s easy to pick up a card while out on your next grocery run, a homemade card can include your own words and inside jokes. That way, it won’t end up shoved in a drawer. If it’s cute and well-written, you can bet they’ll hang it up, so they can look at it whenever they please.

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If your partner is more into experiences than material gifts, consider planning an action-packed date night. Since this year’s Valentine’s Day won’t be like previous years, you’ll have to change up the typical dinner and movie date idea. Instead, plan a date night where you can cook for them (or order in), watch a TV show or movie they love while lounging on the couch, give them a massage, or take a bubble bath. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company because that’s the best Valentine’s Day gift.

On Valentine’s night, try a no phones rule so you can stay completely present with each other. If you like to cook or are up for the challenge, type up and print a little menu so it can feel like you’re fine dining when really, you’re in the exact same kitchen you’ve been in for almost a year. Then, at the end of the night, they can unwrap a personalized gift … or something else (wink wink).

A wine, glasses and a valentine 's gift.

Perhaps the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift is a gift basket. It’s big, bold, and you can give it a theme for whatever your partner likes. For example, you can put together a spa day basket filled with bath bombs, lotions, a robe, and a face mask. Finish off the gift basket by tying it with Valentine’s Day bandanas, which they can wear or if they have a pet, their pet can sport. No matter their gender, everyone needs pampering. With all the ingredients for a lazy Sunday, they have no reason not to get some R&R.

Another option for Valentine’s Day gift baskets is to order one online. Plenty of Etsy shops offer personalized gift baskets that’ll make your partner feel like they’ve won the jackpot. Truly nothing says Valentine’s Day gifts like an Etsy order.

For Her

Celebrating valentines day with heart shaped air balloons

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Her: An Experience

This Valentine’s Day season, flip the script for her. If she’s usually the one planning your dates, say, “I’ve got it this year” and step up to the plate. This can mean making a romantic picnic setting in your backyard if you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate. Or you can put together a cute fort and stock it up with snacks so you can feel like you’re camping.

You’ll soon forget that you’re sitting in your living room underneath blankets and sheets because it will feel like a cozy getaway. It’s also a DIY Valentine’s gift for her because everything should already be in your home, except for her favorite bottle of alcohol and a few bags of chips or popcorn to pair with it.

Another cute Valentine’s Day gift idea for her is to make a charcuterie board. She’s probably seen them all over Instagram, and they make a great appetizer or midday snack. Simply assemble a variety of cheeses, grapes, dried fruit, crackers, nuts, or chocolate on a wooden cutting board, and voilà! This unique Valentine’s Day gift for her is equal parts thoughtful and delicious.

Charcuterie board filled with snacks

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her: No-Brainers

Another good Valentine’s Day gifts for her are a set of matching pajamas or underwear with you. Sites like MeUndies offer couple’s sets in funky patterns, which is pretty adorable. Plus, who doesn’t need at least a couple more pairs of underwear or pajamas? It’s just one more thing you’ll have in common.

We all know the best Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t the most expensive or fancy ones. They’re the sentimental gifts that can bring you back to a special place or time in the relationship. For example, you can order a star map for your anniversary, her birthday, or when you met and it will display a snapshot of what the sky looked like on that particular day. She can hang it on any wall although, we think it would look way better in the living room than in the bathroom.

Other smaller, yet meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas are a plaque of her favorite song, a bobblehead of her favorite TV show character for her desk, or a Goldbelly order. If her favorite food is hard to find, or she doesn’t have it often, you can send it to her through Goldbelly. By the end of the day, her stomach is full of good food and butterflies because you hit the nail on the head with this gift.

For Him

Heart shaped red candies

First Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

If you were somehow able to find love during the pandemic and will now be spending your first Valentine’s Day with him, you might be extra nervous when picking out a gift. But seriously, don’t stress. The world needs as little stress as possible right now. Plus, it’s not good for your immune system!

If you’re celebrating for the first time with a new partner, we suggest buying or making them a practical, yet cute Valentine’s Day gift. For example, a silk eye mask or pillowcase is something that can help him sleep, while also feeling luxurious. Those options are good because they are not too over the top like a gift of cologne would be.

Another cute Valentine’s Day gift for your new boyfriend is some sort of liquor set. You could either DIY this gift, or you can purchase one, but no matter what route you choose, a whiskey or cocktail kit is a no-brainer if your new man likes to drink. On the smaller and cheaper end of things, you can get him a key chain of a pop culture icon he loves or merchandise from his favorite band. Someone, somewhere said you can never have enough band tees.

A wine and a gift for him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband or Long-Term Boyfriend

Have you been with your boyfriend or husband for a long time? Sometimes this means that you can be more flexible with your gift and date ideas. Instead of throwing tons of money out on a new necklace or jewelry and going to the best restaurant in town, you can try a homemade gift.

If you’re looking to spice things up in your long-term relationship try to make naughty gift tokens that he can use or make a DIY sexy truth or dare game. Or if you want to spend some money, how about getting a sex toy that you can use together  After all, an adventurous relationship is an exciting one.

If your man doesn’t know how to pamper himself or simply needs to de-stress, put together a little self-care package that he can enjoy with you or by himself. After he lights a candle, soaks in the bath, and reads a good book, he’ll be wondering why he didn’t do it sooner. Plus, you can give him a massage afterward for the full experience.

If you and your husband have kids and/or pets, you can include them in your Valentine’s Day gift. Order a painting of the family, a customized mouse pad, or a mug with a picture of the family on it to keep home where the heart is. Any of these gifts can deck out their workplace too.

Valentines day dog

As long as they have a smile on their face on Valentine’s Day, then it’s safe to say you did well. Now go forth, and enjoy being one of the lucky ones in a relationship!

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