Wholesale Discounts: The One-Stop Shop for All Buying Styles

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From single items to wholesale discounts, you name it; we have it.

According to Business 2 Community, more than 64% of online consumers wait to purchase until what they need goes on sale. More than 59% of those consumers spend time looking for promo codes before making online purchases. And another 30% use a price-tracking service to monitor price drops.

Wouldn’t if t be great, though, if you could find what you need and in any quantity, you need at discounts without having to wait for sales or bother with promo codes and price tracking?

Now you can . . . at Wholesale For Everyone.

One-Stop-Shop for Tiered Discounts on Single Items, Dozens, and Cases

Consider this pleasant state of affairs . . .

An online store where you do not need coupons and special deals and promo codes and the like to get great discounts. You don’t need all that when you can get significant, daily, round-the-clock discounts on all items all the time – along with free shipping (with exclusive membership).

That’s exactly what Wholesale For Everyone offers. And, really, it just can’t get any better than that. Unless, of course, you also count our superior customer service.

But what if you’re, say, a retailer or another wholesaler who buys in bulk and needs large volumes at discounted wholesale prices. We’ve got you covered there, too, with the quantities you need and at the prices you need. We can accommodate all buying styles and habits, including . . .

  • People who need just a few items for gifts or hobbies
  • Those who buy for church groups, schools, or corporate events and need dozens
  • Power buyers like retailers and wholesalers who need large volumes by the case

No matter your buying needs, we’ve got you covered with a buying structure that caters to different audiences.

wholesale discounts: the one-stop shop for all buying styles

From discounts on single items to even bigger discounts on volume orders, we cater to all buying styles. Wholesale For Everyone is your one-stop shop for wholesale discounts. And we’ve got the number of wholesale discounts to accommodate all you power buyers, too.

Wholesale For Everyone offers wholesale discounts and a tiered buying structure that caters to different buying audiences with different volume needs . . . with discounts on any and all quantities. But the more you buy, the more you save.

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Good, Fast, Cheap – Is It True?

Can you really get wholesale discounts along with quality and great customer service?

There’s an old conundrum that goes like this. Good, fast, cheap – pick any two. If it’s good and fast, it won’t be cheap. If it’s fast and cheap,

it won’t be good. If it is good and cheap, it won’t be fast. When it comes to products or services, you can have any two . . . but not all three.

But you can always find an exception to the rule somewhere. And Wholesale For Everyone is definitely one of them. We offer quality products, fast service, and automatic discounts.

According to the Better Business Bureau (and who else knows consumers better?), “much of what consumers want comes down to good, old-fashioned, prompt service with a smile.” The good folks at the BBB also compiled a list of what is most important to consumers. Of course, value is the top item on the list.

See if this list resonates with you and your needs as a consumer . . .

1. Value for money – This means not merely cheap, but good quality for the price. Also, “consumers may feel the product is better and more worth the money if the . . . purchasing experience is enjoyable and easy.”

2. Customer service – “It’s been said that consumers go back to a restaurant not because of the food, but because of the quality of service. . . . The same can be said for a variety of businesses and services.”

3. Responsiveness – “This, of course, is part of customer service but in a more emotional sense. Consumers want to be heard. They want to know that the service provider . . . fully understands not just what the problem is, but how it affects the consumer.”

4. Personalized solutions – Basically, the boils down to a product or service providing a uniquely individual experience – one that is custom-tailored to meet the individual needs of each and every customer/client.

5. Speed and safety – “Being able to provide your product or service faster than your competitor is good. Always has been really. But when things are just a click away, staying ahead of the curve in deliverance puts you in good standing,” especially when “you can provide assurances and guarantees that consumer data and information is protected.”

discounts and customer service
wholesale discounts: the one-stop shop for all buying styles

Here at Wholesale For Everyone, we strive to meet all these customer concerns: value, service, responsiveness, personalized solutions, and speed and safety – while providing discounts all the time.

So far, according to our customers, we’ve done a pretty good job. For example . . .

“I called up WFE and spoke to Jeff. Boom, order placed, and I had the flag material in days. They even waved the shipping cost. I placed another order. Boom, I had that order in a few days as well. WFE delivered. . . . Why would I order from anyone else?

―Sean G., New Orleans, Mardi Gras float designer and originator of the “Penalty Flag Throw.”

“We order all our bandanas from Wholesale For Everyone because of the price and the awesome customer service.”

―Barbara K., Massachusetts, Queen’s Cups Bakery

Substantial Discounts . . . On Any Quantity

When you buy your bandanashatshandkerchiefs, or other items from Wholesale For Everyone, you automatically get wholesale discounts and substantial savings. You don’t have to worry about using coupon codes or asking for discounts. You save frustration, you save time, and you save money . . . always.

“But wait,” you say. “I don’t want to have to buy hundreds of items to save money.” Well, you don’t have to. We even offer discounts on single items. Whether you buy one bandana or hundreds, you still save money. That’s why we’re called Wholesale For Everyone.

Suppose the retail price of a certain item is $2.00. If you buy that item from Wholesale For Everyone, here’s what you will pay and the automatic, built-in savings you can expect to get . . .

  • One item, $1.50 – A savings of 25%
  • Twenty-five or more items, $1.28 each – A savings of 36% with our “Quantity Discount.”
  • Twenty-five dozen or more items, 99 cents (less than one dollar) each – A savings of slightly more than 50% with our “Bulk Discount.”

Where else can you get what you need at a little less than half retail price every day and in the exact quantity you need? But the benefits don’t stop there.

Additional Benefits for Wholesale Discounts

We also offer free custom printing and custom embroidery in addition to wholesale discounts.

And while buying in bulk means significant wholesale discounts and savings, the benefits go far beyond that. When you sign up for our exclusive membership, you get special privileges and access to offers like . . .

  • Free shipping
  • No minimum purchase
  • Wider product selection
  • Soon-to-come special services
  • Alerts about featured items

Wholesale for Everyone really is for everyone – everyone who wants to buy quality products and save money.

Buying by the dozen is the most profitable, so reach out today and set up a wholesale account.

discounts at wholesale for everyone
wholesale discounts: the one-stop shop for all buying styles

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